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Nice, but....
  • I'm a stocky/muscular guy, 42, five eight, 220... I bought the SGX a year father passed away, so i put it away for a while, thinking i wasn't in the right space to relax with it.

    I've tried several more times and although it is enjoyable, I just haven't been able to "get it right." I know, relax, breathe, enjoy.

    I find the perineum tab to be uncomfortable, like pinching. As far as creating a "fluid" environment for the SGX to go into, how much lube is enough? I've tried ID Glide, even olive oil. Not good results.

    Anyone have the super-o keeping it in throughout the course of the day?

    Should i try one of the larger models?

    Thank you
  • Jim,

    A new model might be the spark you need but it is difficult to say. I do not own the SGX and this is the smallest stimulator. I can tell you I do own four models and have been able to have Super-O's with all of them. That being said you can debate the lubrication issue all day long and find a ton of information on this forum. If 10 ml of lube is not enough try 15 ml but I would avoid trying to much as this might cause some contractions called peristalsis of your bowel and might end your session early due to a cramp or a small bowel movement. Once one portion of your bowel starts contracting with rest soon follows. Excessive lube might prevent the perineum tab from making good contact but it does not sound like you have this problem. If the tab of the SGX makes you a little sore I would try the Helix. For me the tab of the Helix makes the smallest amount of contact with my perineum. This might be best for your situation. A new lube I am using at this time is called Boy Butter. It has enough water based parts with a small amount of silicone in it that you get the best of both worlds. A long lasting easy clean up nonstaining lubrication. And there you have it another opinion on lubrication is born. I used Id glide and KY jelly before this purchase and I still do depending on the situation.