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  • AndyyAndyy
    Posts: 2
    Hi, (Andy here)
    Hi Nood... in reply to your questions of whether I've seen my girlfriend in the throes of a multiple O , I would say, I WISH !.. So, no, I haven't..

    Anyway, I thought I'd better start a new thread rather than hijack the other one..

    I have successfully experienced the power of the Aneros (maybe not the FULL power yet - I've only used it 6 times), but I wrote earlier querying the shaking of the legs and realise this is part of the build up to a super-O.
    One question I have for you guys is that having NEVER before experienced the FULL body convulsions that the Aneros has produced for me, it appears that I can now produce these convulsions or build up to a super-O at will WITHOUT the Aneros !!!
    Last night I was watching the football not feeling horny at all, so I thought I would test this new found ability. I laid on my back on the sofa and pulled my feet back so my knees were pointing up and within 2 seconds, the convulsions started with my thighs shaking my legs convulsing wildy from side to side, my back, shoulders and arms quivering madly... then, as with the Aneros it subsided, then built up again only harder !! This lasted for about 20 minutes.. I didn't hit a Super-O this way, but practice makes perfect hopefully !
    Has anyone else experience of this happening so quickly (ie, 2 seconds of laying down, without the aneros) or am I going mad ??

    ps.. I now know I can be in any position to get this going within 2 seconds as I've just got the leg convulsions going as I sit at my desk !

    Thanks in advance..