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Finally got it..... Couple of tips that worked!!!!
  • I finally got it.. it took me 4 months, but i got it.

    Ok first thing, the dime styled tab doesnt work for me, it adds too much pressure and it hurts on the side. So as some suggested i wrapped the tab with cloth to form a ball shape. i did that, and it was much larger and i fully felt it on my perineum.


    So i have a couch next to my bed, and i hang my legs on the arm of my couch, and lay on my back on my bed (like how pregnant women are positioned when having babies).

    Next i make sure the perineum pressure is there.

    Ok, this next step some may argue is wrong since its not "involuntary" but doing so brings about my involuntaries!

    With a large perineum tab wrapped in cloth, i start pressing it down as a morse code person would do, kinda like tapping. By the 100th tap, i start to squirm because the pressure becomes to intense fully focusing the pleasure in my perineum. I stop and i begin again, but this time try to ignore the pleasure coming from my perineum, kinda like preventing the inevitable, and then after 20 taps i fully focus, and continue by not focusing on the tapping, and again after 20 i fully focus, by then my body craves for the tapping, and i stop, your body should now begin doing it on its own since it enjoys that pleasure so much.. i squirmed for 2 minutes at a time, and after relaxing i begin the procedure all over again.

    The SUPER O is not the same as the regular O, its not as strong, but since you can have multiple SUPER Os, it will suffice.

    Once finished, my brain feels drained, and i mean headache drained from the excess serotonin and dopamine release.

    Hope this helps those who cant get it!
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    my friend - i hate to be the one to inform, but no one after achieving a genuine super-o would say it 'suffices'. it sounds to me more like you had a little super-o 'teaser'; there are lots of little encouraging events you can experience on the road to the super-o. i would cut out the tapping; there are no magic shortcuts! you may also find yourself unable to relish the subtle sensations that are necessary to harness in order to get huge returns if you get used to focussing on more blatant sensations. im sure what you felt was enjoyable and a little sample of whats to come, but id keep on searching for bigger and better experiences. having said that, congrats on the progress and keep it up!
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    I agree with Enemagra. You experienced a "teaser". Nonetheless, it's good that you are enjoying your Aneros. Keep at it. The super-O is so very intense, that describing it is almost beyond words. You will know when you get it. Keep us posted.