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  • Hi everyone

    I regard myself as quite experienced now, even though I still have not achieved the elusive Super O. I am now expriencing something quite wierd.

    I am getting constant tingling in my bollocks.( sorry for being blunt).Without the Aneros. I mean it is happening now as I'm typing this full clothed

    It feels really weird, constant tingling as though nerve endings are swaying backwards and forwards in the wind and just touching a sensative part to create the tingling.
    Has anyone else experienced this as it is a nice feeling but a little off putting as not felt this beofre.


  • yes, in the esoteric yogas (energy circulation and the like) the cold tingling that originates in the testes and can spread all over the body is what is referred to as "cold sperm energy."

    If you want to know more about it an author by the name of mantak chia talks about it-he has many good books-but some of his practices are oversimplified and can be dangerous if one dives into them too quickly. Also I do not recommend anyone use his pc muscle technique to get mutiple orgasms as he suggests.

    If you want to know more just let me know