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  • Wow, i am still upset with my 7th grade health teacher for leaving this one out. it has been a little over six weeks since the discovery and in no short words the event has changed me, my wife, and our sex life just to name a few small things....

    i have spent several hours looking back through the forum posts only to find out that this ability is fairly common, but it seems only those individuals that have knowledge of it in the first place. i have talked to scores of friends and assoicates about the ability of multiples, out of 60 or so only 2 (one female and one male) had ever heard about it. whats up with that?

    ive got everyone from the postman to my boss trying to achieve multiples, what a gas...

    i have also read numerous posts of individuals not wanting to share this with their partner (for whatever reason), i stronly encourage you to reconsider this poistion, it really has changed our intimacy and connectibilty...the bedroom will never be the same.

    i have mastered the ability to a point that i can literally start it up most everytime, except when extremely tired, stressed, full bowels or lack of concentration (mainly from distractions).

    One key thing i have noticed at least for me, is that my butthole muscle must be fully fatigued before the spasms begin. i achieve this by doing the contractions (usually takes about 5-10min) until i can no longer hold the contraction in a steady position.

    once fatigued the muscle spasm takes on a mind of its own, but the smallest distraction stops everything. the focus of the feeling is so narrow that it is hard to tolerate much of any outside disturbances.

    have used the helix several more times since, enjoyable feelings, but it takes forever to go over the edge and requires a lot more effort (both mentally and physically). maybe this will change in time...

    my wife is still trying the same technique but has yet to develop anything worth talking about.

    thanks again for your posts and for those still searching, dont give up, it will be worth the journey.

    bandm hx
  • Are you saying that you hold the contraction for 5-10 minutes before letting it go?
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    yes, i hold the contraction anywhere from mild to full on. the point being is to have the muscle in some state of tension for a period of time until you cant hold it in a steady position any longer. it is at this point the spasm starts.

    i can actually feel the spasm in my saddle bone when i touch it with my hand.

    bandm hx