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  • GSP February 2007
first week
  • I received my MGX on Monday, popped it in not expecting anything right away, did some contractions for a while, then bam, strong flutterings in my stomach, and a sudden very strong dry orgasm. That was day one. Flash forward to Friday, I've been using it everyday for multiple sessions a day, with no more success. I realize that I'm probably putting too much stress on myself with the expectation of repeating my earlier success. And on top of that, I have no idea anymore what I did in the first place. Is it a full "swinging" motion timing the push out with my heart beat to get a pulse or a more concentrated tapping on the prostate directly? Both get me some sensations. And worst of all, during the day I can feel my blood pumping through my anus and I get slight ghost flutterings in what I'm guessing is my adrenal glands. All and all, this has been one of the most incredible/frustrating weeks of my life.
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    During my third session with the Maximus, I discovered the movement that brought me to a new level. I was fifty minutes into an hour session. Rather than the full thrusting motion that results from an anal contraction, I focused on more subtle muscle control that caused my Maximus to just "tap" on my prostate. I felt a small urge to defecate when I was doing this. As I continued this tapping, my heart began to race and I felt flush. I was able to get to this point twice. I'll try to get there again on Monday.

    My advice would be to back off on the frequency of your sessions. Maybe every other day max. Also, try to find the subtle muscle control that generates the tapping feeling.

    I hope this helps. Like you, I'm still exploring this thing and hoping for WOW.