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I'm confused ------- what is precum?
  • I just ordered the Helix, Maximus, and Eupho and can't wait to try them. This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm confused. In reading some of the testimonials, some guys have mentioned copious amounts of precum. What is this, and how does it differ from regular cum?
  • It's the clear stuff that comes out when you are aroused, it's from the cowpers gland which is just below the prostate (there's a diagram on this site somewhere to show you where it is). Some guys produce more than others so don't worry if you don't.

    I'm sure someone will have a more scientific or just plain better explanation.

    Have fun!
  • That is right on. The bulbourethral glands (Cowper) set in bewteen the prostate and the bulb of the penis lateral to the urethra. They open into the urethra at the bulb of the penis. These glands are stimulated when you contract your anal sphincter and move the aneros against your prostate or hold just hold the contraction. With continued stimulation some men produce the clear viscous fluid very easliy some do not. Do not worry this will not have any effect on your ablilty to have the Super-O. At least it has not with me.

  • darwindarwin
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    something i'm not clear on: do we ever see secretions from the prostate itself, or is it always cowpers? i have been confused on this.

    one bit of info: because of pain symptoms i've had, my urologist wanted to check on prostate infection. the standard protocol for this is to get expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) and look at it under a microscope (i think).

    the way to get EPS is that the doctor sticks his finger in and massages the prostate. in my case a bead of secretion came out, which i captured in a dish. it looked just like the stuff that usually comes out when i use the aneros.

    so, when we use the aneros, is that cowpers or prostate secretions coming out (or both)?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The production of Cowper's fluid from the end of ones penis is commonly observed when there has been no physical stimulation of the prostate at all, as when one becomes aroused by watching porn for instance. Prostate fluid on the other hand is not normally seen from arousal alone, the ejaculatory ducts prevent this. When the prostate is physically stimulated or palpated it is likely that some measure of both components are present owing to the fact one's Cowper's gland is essentially down-line from the prostate, so there is a mixture of the two.

    BF Mayfield
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    I've read all about the precum issue and let me tell you that I have never ever ever had one drop of it, not in 30 years of sex and mastrubation and not in over a year of using the aneros. I guess it's completely normal.

    That's just my .02 worth.
  • BusterBuster
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    Yes, the pre-cum issue should be about the lowest thing on your list of things to think/worry about during your sessions. Some have it in copius amounts and others are dry as a bone. Dont sweat it.

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    Originally Posted By: Big
    I've read all about the precum issue and let me tell you that I have never ever ever had one drop of it, not in 30 years of sex and mastrubation and not in over a year of using the aneros. I guess it's completely normal.

    That's just my .02 worth.

    Well, from the other side of the conversation, I rarely have precum if I'm just masturbating quickly to get off, but if I kiss, or start reading these forums, or use the aneros, I start producing a flood of precum. Some may find it exciting, but let me tell you, it can be really annoying, too. If I'm dressed and aroused, I have to put a kleenex in my shorts to absorb it. Ick. There's a time and a place for everything--so it would be nice to be able to choose the time and place. ;-)

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    I call it pure sweet sap, and I make volumes of it when I'm aroused. It used to be a bit embarrassing when I was a teenager as I'd have a big wet patch on the front of my pants just from "snogging" with a girl. Now 45 years later I still get wet from a passionate kiss. And after two solid hours of bliss, it still just keeps on coming as long as I keep on going! I can almost feel the sap rising now, just thinking about it.
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    ... and it's the smoothest substance known to man, absolute bliss.
  • l¤ve h¤lel¤ve h¤le
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    How old are you?
    To me (not being a g.p.or doctor or anything )I'd say with certaincy that precum is when your having foreplay, the prick starts having a mind of it's own.
    It's starts by getting very stiff. Then by no manual stimulation it gets wet at the tip.
    A very nice feeling.
    This to me is a natural lubricant...
  • Ofter after a hard workout or intense bike ride I notice that I produce a lot of pre-cum. I guess it has to do with all the muscles working hard, and creates this bi-effect?
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    Or taggigkaktus, this could be a severe form of MASOCHISM :)