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lube and cumming
  • jogejoge
    Posts: 1
    Hi, just wanted to add a post about my experience this morning. I have tried water lubes and also vaseline and found them both to be unsatisfactory.I like to keep the aneros in for a long time and the water lubes dry out too soon; the vaseline is much better but I am concerned about the effects on my body. So in the local health shop a very nice lady suggested Vitamin E oil. Tried it this morning and to begin it wasn't that great, felt a little dry. But then it warmed up and I ended up having a great couple of orgasms. I use my aneros as a masturbatory aid and love the way it clears out my prostate. But today it was awesome as normally I shoot a couple of strings of cum, whereas today it was five strong ones. I left the aneros in and a few minutes later came again, strongly, which I haven't been able to do for a long time. This time though the fluid was very very clear and I had a real empty feeling. Great! Also noticed that the sensitivity of my cock was much greater but I was also able to control cumming much better. Maybe just a good day but the movement of the aneros felt much better controlled and it stayed mobile for the whole session. Anyone else tried Vit E oil with same sucess?