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Aneros Use Affect PSA Level?
  • rmanrman
    Posts: 1
    Total newbie here (HGX just arrived today) wondering if I can expect a change in PSA level with use. Annual checkup is coming up and wonder what I would say to the doctor if my PSA level showed a change from the usual (or if Prostate felt somehow different during his exam).
  • Your prostate should feel no different to your physician unless something else is going on ie prostatitis, cancer or BPH (enlargement). However your PSA level could rise with stimulation of any kind. You should be just fine as long as you refrain from using the aneros 24-48 hrs prior to your blood draw for your PSA.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    on the question of what you'd tell your physician: you'd tell him you are using a prostate stimulator. your doctor is there to hear the truth from you.

    on PSA:

    i had previously reported that my PSA was elevated for my age (3.6).

    i figured it might be the aneros. so i layed off for about 10 days. it went down to 2.7, which is just barely over the 2.5 cutoff for my age.

    i thought "cool" i'll just lay off longer and it will go below the threshold and i'll be all set.

    i layed off almost a month. it went up! to 4.3.

    that landed me in the operating room for a prostate biopsy. came up neg. (while great, this is not conclusive as the biopsy is a sample, and it can miss the spot sometimes).

    the half-life of PSA is 2-3 days. so, if you want to remove all effects of aneros stim, you might want to wait a week or so.

    by the way, for any of you that ends up with their end up for a biopsy i have one very strong recommendation: make them *wait* till the Novocaine penetrates all the way (probably about 10 minutes). in my case it had, and it was painless. but i have heard horror stories. (i even heard about a case when they didn't use Novocaine. that is *not* pretty).

    also, it has been raised here that prostate massage might spread cancer out of the prostate. i asked two urologists about this, and both said this wasn't true (unless you damage tissue in there).

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    Just to add to what Luvinaneros and Darwin have mentioned, at my annual visit to the urologist after performing the "delightful" DRE, he routinely hands me a prescription for the PSA across which is stamped. YOU MUST WAIT 48 HOURS AFTER A DRE OR YOUR LAST EJACULATION BEFORE TAKING THIS TEST. In essence, any stimulation of prostate can elevate your PSA, whether it be from a DRE, an ejaculation or some Aneros action.

    With respect to Darwin's comments regarding prostate massage and its effects on prostate cancer, I would think that it might depend upon ones Gleason score and their PSA. A high Gleason and high PSA would be presumtive evidence of a high potential for, if not an ongoing case of an aggressive metastatic disease. In such instance, I can't imagine wanting to perturb the tissue in any way. I should mention that I ran the same question by my urologist and he said that he would likely discourage prostate massage for such individuals. Now, I must admit that my hypothetical with him was limited to a description along the lines of "gentle prostate massage with someone with metastatic disease". Since I did not specify the Aneros per se it may be that he was thinking of a more vigorous form of massage than I had in mind. Nevertheless, I would urge some caution on this.

    It's important to keep in mind when reading this thread that no one here is a urologist (that I'm aware of). Like anything else, if you have cancer or concerns about it...I would strongly advise you to consult your doctor prior engaging in any form of prostate massage.

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    yes, i agree about the high PSA and Gleason.

    I should have made clear that I was referring to cases like mine, in which there may or may not be cancer, but that in any case it is in an early stage.