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New Aneros models???
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    As someone who owns MGX,Helix,Maximus and Eupho, I continue to be intrigued by B Mayfields mention of a larger or more agressive model. I also own a [KNOCK-OFF], and appreciate it for some of the additional pressure, and 'locked-in' feeling it gives.

    That said, I don't use the [KNOCK-OFF] much any more. I've worked very hard to try to develop the muscles to stimulate my prostate with the Aneros models, and have settled on the MGX and Maximus as the best suited for me. Even then, I modified the MGX a bit, bending the tab upwards for better contact.

    With no modification, all the Aneros models other than the Maximus don't even touch my perineum unless I'm working to pull them into me. One of my appreciations for the [KNOCK-OFF] was the fact that it did actually press into me without me working hard to get it to do so.

    Of course, the flip side is the actual shape of the [KNOCK-OFF] doesn't seem to be designed to generate much movement. It is so much larger at the base that any contractions are somewhat wasted. If it was more tapered, perhaps the motion would be better, and I've considered doing just that with a rounded file and a good polishing afterwards.

    So, if there is something coming that is as aggressive as the [KNOCK-OFF] up where the prostate is, while still more slender (at least as slender as the Maximus) near the base, I'd be very interested.

    Since I own 4 Aneros models and the [KNOCK-OFF] already, I would think I'm well qualified to be a beta tester. :) wink wink!

    Seriously, what's the news on these?

    p.s. My status is I'm darn close. I feel feelings very similar to the absolute brink of an orgasm while using the MGX and Maximus (and sometimes the [KNOCK-OFF]) but it just never quite goes over the edge. I can tell I'm getting closer though, and hover near the edge for minutes at a time, with the contractions going and my erect penis fairly jumping back and forth. My wife loves to stimulate my nipples during this time, and when I get too tired to keep shooting for the super-o, we finish with some form of traditional sex and ejaculatory orgasm, which curls my toes with the device still inside me.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Good thinking Billdo,

    I also would gladly volunteer my prostate and perineum for scientific testing, if my efforts would help these new models come to market sooner!

    Good luck,