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Aneros use: 1-Year Later
  • Well, I bought my first Aneros last January. I've only met with limited results and certainly no hands free-orgasms, or even any sort of pleasure that other users describe here. I'm really quite dissapointed, although I know this is a bad mindset to have... I have gone on to purchase both the Helix and the Maximus. What I am supposed to feel from these stimulators/massagers I cannot say at this point, although the Helix seems to feel like its scratching/pressing against something (perhaps my prostate?), though this can feel somewhat stingy or uncomfortable. More than anything, I feel like I am just numb down there to any sort of stimulation the Aneros is supposed to provide. I wonder at all if any of these models are even hitting the right spot, or if my body is just designed different than many of the other users here(?) I can only say that I am mystified as to why nothing works. For ALMOST A YEAR OF USE, I get rapid heartrate coupled with uncontrollable(almost) body-shaking. Once I lube up, relax and watch some erotica I can, coupled with meditative breathing, get involuntary anal contractions that range from weak to very strong. These can last, I think, as long as I can focus and concentrate enought to keep them going. Often, these contrations can build up into one big full body "tense-up" of heavy breathing, pounding heart and body/anal muscular clenching- that always feels like its going to explode into something incredibly exciting- but then disapates and the tension subsides... In any case, these contractions produce No Pleasure whatsoever.
    Again I am mystified as why I can't get this thing to work. I've probably used it about twice a week for a year now- that's around 100 sessions! And believe me, I have tried EVERY suggestion in this forum, from electro-stim, to different positions, to sleeping with it inserted. Still the results are a big, fat Zero-combined with alot of messy cleanup.
    My only consolation so far has been increased intensity in my orgasms when I hand-finish off a session with the aneros inserted(especially w/ the Maximus). Definitley, more pleasurable than just using the hand alone. I guess I can't complain about that.
    I now just use my Aneros models as a variation, or just added pleasure, with my normal mastrubation. But, frankly, after a year, I feel like I've wasted alot of time and money trying to get this thing to work and do what it's designed to do...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    I'm sorry that you're having such a tough time of it. But given that you're experiencing some higher quality ejaculations I don't think that it's a total loss here. I know that you want more and I know that your investment of time and money has been directed at achieving something different. Frankly, the space you're in now (and I suspect that you've been in for some time) is a "deal killer" anyway. It may be time for you to change things up a take a different tack so to speak. Have you explored KSMO at all? There have been many users here (including yours truly), who have found it beneficial. For many people KSMO has been an entry point into the world of the Super O. For others (including myself), it has formed an essential part of the puzzle when used in combination with the Aneros that did the trick!

    It just may be that putting the Aneros aside for a while and getting some mind and body focus is what you need. KSMO can do that. The breathing techniques are wonderful as well. Unfortunately, the Aneros can have the effect in some men of putting all of the focus on the physical, i.e...this contraction, that contraction, this intensity, that many did ya say,... when?!! It can be daunting, and frankly over time it just has a totally unnatural flow to it. I'm sure you've read posts in this forum where users have told that they had been "laboring" with this for a year or longer without a Super O to show for it. In many notable instances (most recently with Enemagra ) something changed that made the difference. As in SO many cases the passive approach appeared to be a factor in his success. The question always becomes, how can you be passive about something that you want SO badly, but still remain engaged with the process? Sometimes putting it aside for a time can be helpful.

    In a totally unrelated area it is all too common for couples who have had a long history of supposed fertility problems to conceive effortlessly when they HAVE NOT been trying. I know of 3 couples myself who've had far larger families than they had counted on simply because they assumed that they couldn't have children without great effort and intervention. Hey, it's a Zen thing! But, our minds have this kind of control over our bodies, and often in this counter intuitive way.

    My feeling is that it's time for you to try something different. There is absolutely no defeat or resignation in any of this, it's just part of your path! If you are a contemplative person, (as I am on occasion) you may be inclined to believe that you can think your way through this. In reality it may be more a matter of feeling your way through it that is the better course for you. Maybe it's time to lay some new track!


    BF Mayfield
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    Thanks for the support B Mayfield. Maybe I will try the KSMO method. Its not all a total disapointment, again, plain old traditional ejaculations are enhanced, and I feel like my PC muscles are far more toned and stronger through regular Aneros use. I think this will probably have positive health benefits throughout my life. I'm not going to give up on the pleasure I would like to acheive, its just...frustrating not knowing what I'm doing wrong, which feelings I should concentrate on, which I should override etc...Perhaps I should just set it aside and concentrate on breathing technique- I guess i'll try anything new. Though it is strange to me that I really do not feel any discernable sort of stimulation of some sort of area inside my anus that the Aneros is supposed to touch. It all just feels, well, kind of bland...I really hope one day I can write of my newfound breakthrough on this forum!