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First posts from a skeptic
  • SpudsSpuds
    Posts: 1
    (this post was edited 2007-01-29 13:50:39)

    I read this board the other day and, kind of wanton in several ways, slammed a glass of scotch and nailed my credit card for $75-odd to order an original (sorry... forget the nomenclature) "Aneros" the other day. I was extremely skeptical about the existence/reachability of this nonsensical-sounding "Super-O", but also a little hopeful. Sexual experimentation has certainly propelled me to new levels of satisfaction in the past (read: V2K, Google "Venus-2000"), and I'm therefore pretty open to the idea that there may be more to discover "out there." So here I was, a horny guy, a good reader and student, with only an hour to spend with my new Aneros this evening. So I gave the little gizmo a weak first try tonight. I'll try to blog my results here over the next few days, as a journal for those considering the possibilities of these plastic doo-dads to ponder. I won't pull any punches, if it stinks I'll trash it, but if it works I'll add another voice to this foreign-sounding talk of "orgasms that go from your fingers to your toes." Yah, right: I wish MY dick ran from my arms to my legs, but it's merely a fraction bigger than average.

    OK, I'll have to resume this exploration in the morning. First session (45 minutes, of necessity) was interesting. No "Super-O" experienced, or really expected. Cheers, all!