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just got mgx
  • hello all, i just got the mgx and tried it out. sadly nothing really happened because i was a bit hasty in calling a quits. (i'll have to put aside more time next time), but i have a question for anyone who has been successful, when something does happen, about how long into the session does it usually take? im not looking for a definate period, just a guesstimate.
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    That's hard to guess at. It depends on many things. You need to be very relaxed. Also, be generous with the lubrication. Aneros has to be able to move freely.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Trogdor,

    I have had about every scenario happen to me. From entire sessions lasting 90 minutes with nothing at all happening to firing into my first Super O within seconds of insertion. The latter does not happen enough in my opinion. I have been blessed now with being able to achieve a Supe O in almost every session. The duration of these Super O's are not consistant enough for my liking.....but that is my journey. I have got my sights on the next level.

    Be patient, it'll come. It is harder for some than others. As far as what I have seen reported here in the forum, I am about in the middle of the pack in my progress. At least I am consistant, that is about how I was in school as well.

  • I could not agree more with Buster. Everyone is unique and results vary. Read the instructions on the web as well as B. Mayfields Keys to the Backdoor. Great information in these posts. Remember you are training your body to have a new type of orgasm. One that it has not had before. To expect results right out of the box is the downfall of many beginning users. Focus on the sensations produced from your anus and pelvis as the aneros makes contact with your prostate. With light contraction of your external sphincter you will find the aneros producing pleasurable sensations from your prostate. With each use you build strength and control of your PC muscles. As your internal and external sphincter fatigue you will start to experience small spasms with your pelvic floor musculature that you have no control over. This is one type of involuntary contraction described here that is very easy to produce. They feel wonderful and lead to great sensations along with Super-O's. This was what I started doing during every private session. It took time and practice but a few months down the road I started having Super-O's. You have started down a new road of sexual enjoyment give your body time to learn with each use.