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  • msnnylmsnnyl
    Posts: 3
    I got my Aneros yesterday. I had been waiting for it with great anticipation. I started about 5:30p I put towels on the bad as read about and had everything ready. I used 10cc of KY jelly in a syrnge to inject into my rectom. I waited about 5 minutes walking around to distrubate it well. I lubed uo my new FRIEND and inserted. Not at all what I expected. It was not uncomfortable at all. I lay on my right side with my legs drawn up. After about 4 minutes of squeezing my spencter muscle something started happening. The automatic muscle contractions started. My body started shaking and it lasted maybe 45 sec. I thought "this can't be all." i DECIDED NOT TO STOP FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR TO SEE WHAT HAPENED. i HAD 4 MORE SUCH EPISODES WITH EACH ONE GROWING STRONGER. I figured 5 was enough but i was gonna lay there and rest for a bit. After about 3 minutes after the last wave I noticed I started breathing harder. I could feel my lower abdomes start to quiver and then it started. HOLY COW!!! It must have lasted 3 minutes. I had to make myself breath. I thought i was going to pass out. After I was able to function again I got cleaned up in the shower. I FEEL GREAT!!! I woke this morning thinking I would be to sore to walk, but no such thing. Infact, I,m thinking of sneaking home early befor the wife gets home and have another session.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    You should wait and have the next session with her. You can only imagine where it will lead!