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  • 432man432man
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    Hi im new to this toys n just wanted to try it because i was just curious, and though that all those so called self anal contractions, were just bs, i got it today really ancious by the way, and keep thinking about it at work, it was like i was wating for my first time to get laid or something, really horny by the way on the way home, i pull my pants down turn on the shower, and i just gotta say this, that i luv my big muscular legs and tight ass, so just by lookin at it i was already hard and all got my MGX warm it up put some vaseline on it while rubbing my outter anus with some more jelly, getting it really relax, then i was ready to insert really slow, it stay in for a while then slowly open up n relax my anus, then slowly contracting, it felt really hard on prostate the first strokes, I just couldnt take it no more and started going a lil bit faster, and the better it would feel automatically will come back and hit me hard back in!!! i was just changing in different positions with my leg raised up then in doggy style i luv the most, just bent over and tearing up n gripping the carpet with my hands, so much precum it looked like it was oozzing out then i came n a tiggly sensation thru out my spine n inside, never felt like that before and my anus was still contracting n pushing by it self, i couldnt control it, then a bigger one came in and shoot a whole lot of cum, it even felt out of my hand, by now my elbows were tired of laying on the floor , i was just still contracting and felt kinda of like a shake inside me, so i though to my self i wasnt gonna be able to workout at the gym nomore i was just too depleted and fucked!!! damn it was a great experience!!! now i cant get off my head what a real penis would felt like? but done by someone with knowledge of hitting the g spot, but im not into kissing and touchy shit , i just want some prostate massage and big pulses from a real penis so anyone interested email at : [email][/email]
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    No offense, but this forum is not intended as a place to hook up with people. The comments are okay (with less cursing), but if you're looking for someone to meet your needs in this way, this really isn't the place to advertise for it.



    good luck in your search

  • LMAO. I gotta tell ya, that was the funniest post I've read in a long time.

    After many years of using different models of the Aneros several times a week, I too want to feel the real "thing" in place of the aneros. But, I ain't shopping for a buddy.

    Maybe I'll buy my wife a strap-on.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2007-02-02 20:13:03)


    If you really are curious about the strap-on thing, check out the FEELDOE. It's a strapless strap-on. The Feeldoe is a silcone dildo that has a bulb end and a pony (penis) end. The unit was originally designed by lesbians for.....lesbians. But it has some very interesting implications for men as well, particularly those who are into checking out the submissive role for a change. The bulb end is made to be inserted vaginally or anally and is held in by contraction and has an added bonus of being ribbed near the base so that it stimulates the cliltoris. The pony end, well it goes where ever you want it to!

    Alternatively, the Feeldoe bulb end CAN be inserted by males as well, for some very nice prostate stimulation, and those guessed it, great terrific stimulation of the exterior anal area. Once inserted, you are a two horsepower guy! With two "ponies" at your disposal, you're ready for double penetration of the wife.....if SHE is so disposed! Check it out.

    BF Mayfield
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    Originally Posted By: thatcher
    After many years of using different models of the Aneros several times a week, I too want to feel the real \"thing\" in place of the aneros. But, I ain't shopping for a buddy.

    As sex is different from partner to partner, the "real thing" isn't a whole lot like a toy: Let's face it, human beings and their equipment weren't carefully engineered by teams of product development experts to give maximum pleasure in one specific way.

    That said, however, from a gay man's point of view, there is NOTHING like having a man who loves you deep inside...He may not hit the g-spot, but the real "person" makes it powerful. And a person is not a toy.

    Seconding another post, if you want to feel something closer to the "real thing," get a dildo cast from some gay porn super-model: They're completely "life-like." But if you're married, and that's not enough...stop and consider talking to your wife. I'm just sayin'...