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I feel the potential orgasm in my body but do not experience
  • I've been using the MGX for about a week or so and it's definitely enhanced my orgasms but I'm finding that when I ejaculate it's not intense. I mean, I feel this sexual energy surging through me as if I can cum continuously but it doesn't happen. Thoughts?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    If you are asking why you are not able to have multiple ejaculations with the Aneros, it is because multiple ejaculation (successive ejaculation without the loss of arousal inbetween) is an extremely rare phenomenon to begin with. The normal physiological response following ejaculation is a loss of arousal...also known as the refractory period . For 99% of men out there, ejaculation and the refractory period go hand and hand.

    If you've read through this forum previously, what you've seen discussed are not continuous ejaculations but multiple, successive and continuous orgasms of the non-ejaculatory kind. As the Super O is non-ejaculatory, it is not bound by a refractory period, so that multiple orgasms are possible.

    BF Mayfield