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Was this the beginning?
  • Let me tell you something that happened to me last night 1/12/07. I inserted the Aneros without lube since I ran out. It took awhile to insert and it felt very nice without the lube. I began my slow contractions and breathing as instructed. Keep in mind that this was my seventh session. After about thirty-five minutes of contractions, something strange began to happen to me. My muscles in my thighs started to quiver, and then the next thing I knew, my penis went numb. Usually, when a part of your body goes numb, you cannot feel anything. This numbness, however, was very pleasurable. Then, I felt a warm tingling sensation starting in my groin and then it moved to my lover abdomen and eventually to my arms and legs. This feeling lasted for fifteen seconds, then it stopped. I could not get the feeling to come back. I have two questions. Was this the beginning of a Super Orgasm? If it was, how do I maintain it? Any help would be appriciated.
  • charliecharlie
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    Hey Skalifut,
    Yes, that was the beginning/precursor of a Super-O. Next time you get to that point (with adequate lube, hopefully), try to "let go" and ride the wave to the higher place you are headed. The natural reaction when you feel something new is to tense up, so make a conscious effort to resist that instict. You are so, so close! Good luck,
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    I've had my Aneros for several months. I use it once a week or so, sometimes every other week... I don't use it a whole lot. Every time is enjoyable, but it never feels like I'm getting anywhere at all.

    My last session was different. I'm easily grossed out by using the device if it, uh, shows "evidence" of having been used when it's removed (which it pretty much always does for me). Anyway, to combat this, last time I squirted a little water up there first. I did this a few times to make sure I was flushed and clean. This was the first time I've ever done that.

    When I inserted and went about my session, things were different this time. I don't know if it was a mental thing, knowing I was cleaner and would probably not see anything on the device when I removed it... maybe it was from being more wet inside and the wet made the KY slicker... or maybe it was because the area was primed and relaxed from using the plunger thing to squirt some water in there (I used an applicator thing like what comes with contraceptive gels or foams). But anyway this time the device seemed to move more freely. After a short while, I started to sweat. That was a first. I had never broken out in a spontaneous sweat from using the Aneros before. Along with the sweating I was shaking all over.. trembling. It never went farther than that... but even that was a first. I felt like I was well on my way to something pretty powerful. I think from now on I'll pre-cleanse. Oh and when I was done the device was sparkly clean like I had never used it. That was good. I had a couple sessions previously that just grossed me out and I almost threw it away. Glad I didn't.

    Anyway, one last thing. I know you're not supposed to do anything with your hands with the unit, but my sweat and trembling was brought on by very gently tapping the handle very quickly, almost vibrating it. Taboo or not, that's what started it. I've never gotten that far along before. To really feel it hitting my prostate, I have reach behind and gently pull the handle up my back side (or tap it). I hardly feel it hit otherwise. I seem to need to get it moving with my hand to warm things up.. when I do this, that's when it really starts working.. Otherwise it's pretty ho-hum and boring. I'm always very gentle when I do anything by hand with it, and I really don't think I'll hurt myself. Thoughts?
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  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Skalifut and Guest,

    I would suggest that you check out my post in the thread Not sure if that's all there is for me... (thread author cet ). In it I outlined the role of arousal in generating a Super O. Often times users become too preoccupied with techniques and neglect the very thing that drives this all... (arousal). See the thread for more on this.

    With respect to the Aneros and manual intervention, if it is helping you become more aroused and you are using VERY subtle stimulation, there's probably no harm in it. However, be aware that at slightly higher levels of pressure you can quickly come to a point of diminshing returns wherein your prostate becomes desensitized. Once this happens you can find yourself very easily using too much pressure, which can be dangerous. For this reason, I normally advise people against manipulating the Aneros by hand. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that you will ever generate a Super O by manual intervention of this sort. You can't force this, it requires the nurturing of some very subtle sensations in a natural way, a way that involves mind and body.

    BF Mayfield