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benefits for enlarged prostate
  • have recently been diagnosed as having an enlarged prostate and am trying to find out more on the possible benefits/dangers of the aneros for this condition. I realise that the condition cannot be cured but have read that it can be aided.Have not yet purchased teh aneros so would welomce any comments/advice from any other users.

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    Hello Gerontius,

    Yes, the aneros was originally designed by High Island Health specifically for prostate health rather than pleasure. Visit for more info on how it will help you. There you will find the same models but with different names:

    PS-New = MGX

    PS-2 = SGX

    PS-X = Helix

    High Island also have a forum with the emphasis on health, but because the treatment is indeed such a treat, the pleasurable aspects are also discussed. I recommend you get a PS-New and start treating yourself right away; it will be very good for you and it will put a smile on your face.

    I wish you good health
  • charliecharlie
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    Hello Gerontius,
    I wish that everything else that was good for you felt so great! Good luck to you,
  • BusterBuster
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    Just last week, my boss told me that he is suffering from an enlarged prostate. He is in his early 40's and has to go to the bathroom all the time. He said that his doctor told him the only thing he could do was to get on some medication that would have a series of side effects. Too bad I couldn't just tell him about the Aneros. Even worse than that, too bad his doctor didn't tell him.

    I have actually visited the High Island Health site/forum and there were people there who had suffered from enlarged prostates and I believe that they were getting relief.

  • charliecharlie
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    Hey Buster,
    Maybe you could anonymously send some information about High Island Health to your boss? Not only will he get some relief from his enlarged prostate, he might be easier to get along with the added benefits of prostate massage!
    Take care,