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Is this what a Super O feel like ?
  • i popped in tne MGX last night. and i did contractions for about an hour. until i started to give up. but then i started shaking my body and it went crazy. My penis was super hard the entire time. Im not really sure if this is the super O or not. but i could like control it.. like legs, hips, and upper body. If i relax my with no contractions and shake.. the aneros would pop right out.. it will only stay in if i hold it in. I had no orgasmic feeling tho. It was funny because i could do it standing.. Haha but ok umm any suggestions ?
  • TalisTalis
    Posts: 4
    sounds like the begining of the contractions. Relax, let the contractions happen and fantasize something sexy. I have found, for myself, that I was concentrating too much on the contractions and not enough on the pleasure and that was blocking me.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey unknown,
    While not the Super-O, it sure sounds like you had a great first experience. Just be patient, practice rythmic breathing, and try to relax. You're on the right path. Have fun on your journey. Best wishes,