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TinyMex' formal introduction
  • TinyMexTinyMex
    Posts: 10
    I knew about the Aneros for long, but did not trust it much. After this page has 'evolved' with this interesting forum, I decided to give it a try. I am an end-30 bisexual man (more interested in women than men), with a good anal and prostate massage experience. I am based in Mexico but travel much. I bought the Aneros MGX in Austria. Prices are higher than here on the site but are compensated by lower mail costs (or even zero if you add some more toys). When I unpacked my Aneros I was a little bit surprised (not to say disappointed!) by its small size. I am used to bigger things.
    Anyway, size doesn't matter, we all know this ;-). The first attempts were nice, let's say ... interesting. I take my time and follow the rules, I am not in a hurry. Substancial results will be posted here.