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Something new - inorgasmic ejaculation?
  • Hello all

    I'm not as despairing as VirginSoldier but I've had tingling for 4-5 months, from the first session, but nothing else and recently I've found no matter how well internally lubed I am, after about 20 minutes I get a feeling in my anus rather like having passed a hot curry, which is distracting and kills any feelings.

    Anyway. I had a trapped nerve in my back over Christmas so couldn't use the Helix. I decided to manually assist my masturbation with a finger - not touching my prostate (I can't find/reach it), just "through" the inner sphincter, and I found something interesting.

    When I was almost at the point of no return, I stopped wanking and quickly (but gently) wiggled my finger in my anus. I got a feeling in my hind quarters rather like I was going to come, but I never went "over the edge". I did however produce quite a glug of semen but it flowed rather than shot out. To clarify, it wasn't a slow leak as would happen years ago if one was discovered masturbating by one's mother and had to cram it in one's pants rapidly.

    The really interesting thing was, I had no orgasm - normally I get an addictive "headrush" which I presume is endorphins. "Internally" I was certainly pumping the juice but "externally" there was very little muscular activity.

    The point of all this, if indeed I have one, is that I was wondering whether this "reversed" separation of ejaculation and orgasm would have any bearing on reducing my seeming inability to experience much with the Aneros?


  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello WillisMan,
    Aneros has taught me that orgasm and ejaculation separate phenomena, though we are programmed from puberty to think that they are one and the same. Hope that you don't give up. Keep on trying new things. Many guys take longer on the journey than others. Enjoy your journey and good luck,
  • Hi Charlie; thanks for your support. I was also thinking of trying KSMO, just waiting for my PayPal account verification to come back.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi WillisMan,

    I have done some remarkable experimentation the last few months with trying to seperate the orgasm from the ejaculation. They are definatly two different events as Charlie said. That delay of ejaculation during penile orgasm can make that orgasm last quite some time. I think that is why the prostate/perenium orgasms are so fantastic....because there is no ejaculation which as we all know, can spell the end to sexual activity for a while. An even finer detail of events is the seperation of sperm release and sperm propulsion. I have found that once those propulsion spasms happen, it is over. What we know at this point is more that probably 99% of men know. Unfortunately, it will not bring world peace, but it is interesting.

    Be sure to keep us up on your experimentation. Or let me know via email it is interesting to me.

    Have a good one.

  • Hi Buster

    Something else I have when I'm not using the Helix is a feeling rather like someone is persistently tickling my balls, penis root and anus. I tend to sit on the edge of my seat (a carryover from childhood, must be) and although I am not actually sitting ON my anus I might be putting pressure close to my perineum accupressure point (or "gooch" in urban slang, I'm told).

    I wouldn't say it was especially pleasurable by itself, or irritating, just distracting since it can persist for at least a couple of days between sessions (if I go that long without) and if I *concentrate* on it, I can sometimes make it "go further" but usually only once or twice.

    What I find ironic is that with the Helix inserted, I feel no pressure on the perineum at all and unless I contract strongly, the tab isn't even touching my body (but the Helix is firmly inserted and requires some effort to remove).

    I bring this up because last night in my Helix session, I *twice* had a sensation of a "wave" (like when you are up to your thighs in the Atlantic and then a wave licks against your balls) which spread upwards to my pubic bone and down to about mid-thigh. It happened with some conscious "willing" about 20-30 seconds after the first experience.

    I couldn't get it to happen again after that and I was getting the "curry-hole" feeling again so I ended the session.

    I have a glimmer of hope here, since I never got this feeling before I started orgasm-free comming and I have changed nothing else about my practise.

    I don't know why I get a "stinging" feeling after 20 minutes or so - I never had this when I first started using the Helix. I am using SmoothMove which is the UK name for Maximus, applied to an initial finger (for lubricating anus - hell, why not, it's fun!) then my injection syringe, internally and on the Helix. If I don't use internal lubrication, sometimes I'm okay but other times while insertion is easy, it becomes uncomfortable very quickly. A couple of months ago, I could leave the Helix in all night and not even notice it - I don't know what's changed. I'm not even contracting since that exacerbates it and all the feelings I've experienced so far have been with the "do nothing" method.

    I'm not even sure, thanks to the way the body experiences referred pain, whether it is my prostate which is irritated, my anus/sphincter or my rectum when I have "curry-hole."

    Last night I attempted to locate my prostate with some certainty and didn't have much luck. I have a brand-new, unused Gillette Mach3 Nitro (with the vibrator) which I found is actually a very nice anal (NOT rectal) stimulator! Sure, it was very nice with it inserted, particularly since it is narrower than a finger, but the feeling was generalised, not highlighting a specific area.

    Perhaps I am too furtive a self-manipulator and my prostate never gets the time to engorge? The longest I've gone without a wank in the last 20 years (I'm 32) is about 5 days on a couple of occasions. One of those was while experimenting with the Aneros and I didn't really get anything positive for my torment!