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Abuttment tab not touching perineum at all
  • It doesn't seem to matter what position I'm in. The abuttment tab on my Helix does not come in contact with my perineum. I think I need to modify (heat gun/bend) the tab to be positioned closer to the main body of the divice in order to trigger involuntaries and everything that goes with them. Does anyone have advice on this? Thanks in advance
  • Sounds like you have insufficient *internal* lubrication which is preventing the Helix being inserted deep enough
  • BusterBuster
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    Dear Tombraider,

    The Helix does not have a very aggressive tab. The older models do (MGX, Maximus) but I have heard of some complain that it hurts because the contact is so severe. I dont have that issue, but I do seem to prefer the more aggressive one. Just one man's opinion.

    During waves from a Super O, my Helix does have pretty decent contact. My body seems to be pulling it in.

    I hope that helps.

  • Edit
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    Thanks Buster. I had the MGX before the Helix and that didn't seem to do the trick either. That is why I upgraded, so I thought, to the Helix. I've been reading the Forum about a "hot glue" mod that I will have to try unless something else is available. T