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  • TalisTalis
    Posts: 4
    (this post was edited 2007-01-10 06:07:30)

    After almost a year of not much of anything happening, I finally had my breakthrough. Up untill now I have been a lurker, reading all the posts I could to gleen that little bit of information that maybe I was missing. I tried it all, the breathing, the contraction exercises, different positions. I thought I was even relaxing like I was suppose to(boy was I wrong on that last one.) I get ready by looking at some good erotica, I had abstained for a couple days so I was really in the mood. I start out the usual way, breathing exercises and slow and steady contraction exercises. Nothings happening as usual, so I get up and decided to read some written erotica. Now, Im a bi-sexual person and I was reading some gay erotica and I just close my eyes and imagine someone in my arms slowly grinding away at my prostate. I lose myself to the fantasy and start moving my hips imagining each little movement was my lover. The next thing you know im panting like a dog as P-waves started to build and build and build. I couldnt get past this part but this pleasure alone was like nothing I have ever felt before and was extremely satisfying. But I felt like there was something more, something HUGE a little farther on down the path. I think It was the written erotica that forced me to use my imagination to visualize that pushed me into this break through. I think Im going to hold off for a couple of days before I try again, but this time Im confident I will reach the elusive Super-O.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Talis,

    Congratulations on your breakthrough. It has been said before and it bears repeating again...your mind has GOT TO BE IN THE GAME! Your story is certainly proof of that. I am glad that after a year you have decided to participate in the forum.

    Hopefully, we will hear more stories of your successes in the months to come. As you know, it is beneficial to those who have not been as successful to hear details on what worked for you.

    Have fun.