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Aneros+Cock Ring+Rubber Bands=Balanced Tenshion
  • luk2000luk2000
    Posts: 20
    I've read alot of problems with guys being unable to keep the aneros in place while use. With taking the into consideration that the unit must still be able to move freely, but stay were intended, i thought a rubber band would do such thing, keeping the unit centered it would give it the ability to move more freely into the rectum or to move out,where ever your prostate maybe. Next, how would it stay anchored while still remaining hands~free, yet again another simple answer, a cock ring. Finding your proper tension is only the last trick. For greater results i have found that the smaller rubber bands work best.

    The How To:

    First, Pull penis and testicles threw the cock ring so that you create the anchor point.

    Next, Apply your lube like you would when normally using your aneros.

    Secondly, With your aneros off to the side and ready to use, take 1 group of rubber bands and stick it threw your anchor point so that you have 2 loops hanging from the cock ring.

    And Then, Take another small group of rubber bands and slide them threw your loops you have created and pull them tight. now you have another group of loops connected to your anchor.

    Finally, Take your P-tap drop it threw your second group of loops and Insert into rectum. If uncomfortable remove and adjust rubber band tension or add additional links to anchor point.


    1) Cock rings should be comfortable NOT painful to wear.

    2) Use new rubber bands to prevent breakage while in use. Use new rubber bands often. Oil based lube breaks down rubber quicker then water based lube.

    I hope this works as well for others as it has me ^.^ For more direct questions check me out on MySpace at
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Happened across this when looking back to what the 'ancianos' were doing during the early days of Aneros.

    So, I "geared up" with a Titan and a Helix.

    Looks like rubber band tension is critical. I think my first try was 'too tensioned' since Prostate contact was intermittent and I didn't generate any anal flutters. Not even a p-wave butt, definitely a different feeling.

    Plan is to try this with less tension and with other tools.

    Late add: Be closely shaved
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Hmmm, sounds interesting. I am a big cock ring fan, and have yet to use one with my aneros, but this will remind me to give it a try!
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    Best new surprise to date! My session lasted for over 2 hours with nothing but thrills,quakes and shivers. What an INTENSE feeling. Two different things I did differently though. 1) I used a large thick hair band (the wife's) to replace a cock ring (more comfort). 2) I used a second thin hair band and looped it through the first hair band and then put the ends together over the handle of my Eupho. This method blew my mind!! Next session I'll be using different lengths to get some loose or tight tension. Can't tell you how many dry-o's I had and at least to Super-O's. Closest I've come to hands free ejaculation.

    Cheers luk2000 what a brilliant idea!
  • luk2000luk2000
    Posts: 20

    Priapusone - How did it work out for you ?? Or no change ??


    Blown Mind - Im so glad it work out for you with great success !!! How has the change in lengths worked out ??

  • TeederTeeder
    Posts: 31

    When you say over the handle, where exactly, on the P-tab or truly on the handle?  I wonder if using a hair tie around the cock and scrotum hooked over the P-tab would work?


     Hmmm... will have to try this. 

  • I've almost always been able to keep all models in, except a few times to Pragasm Ice slipped out, but on reentry stayed in.  I simply don't understand the methods described here, and how the Aneros moves freely if tied down.  I'm a very visual person and usually have to see things in order to understand.
  • luk2000luk2000
    Posts: 20

    Teeder - yes
    around the P-Tab. As far as around the cock and scrotum is the anchor point and
    strictly an anatomical difference as to where your P-Tab sits to hit the sweet
    spot. If its not..the above is a description on how to "add links" to
    the anchor point to get it to the right spot. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Paul- i
    suppose then this advice isn't for you then. However, with the rubber bands
    being flexible and the ability to move and when you flex, at least for me its
    my problem, the Aneros gets pulled in deeper and twists to far on either side
    and doesn't return to center when relaxed. So it aids in not having to reach
    down and fix it and lose mental mindset or rhythm