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  • BusterBuster
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    I thought I would respond to your posting in the "Wonderful Video Recommendation" thread. It was getting pretty long!

    It sounds as though you are having a great time! Your description of your sessions sounds like a perfect definition of Multiple Super O's:

    "I find myself alternating between periods of extreme excitement and excruciating pleasures flowing from my penis throughout my whole body, and relaxed periods of blissful whole-body sensations, still extremely intense, as if I'm dissolving in a flood of ecstasy."



  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Originally Posted By: Buster
    I thought I would respond to your posting in the \"Wonderful Video Recommendation\" thread. It was getting pretty long!

    It sounds as though you are having a great time! Your description of your sessions sounds like a perfect definition of Multiple Super O's:

    \"I find myself alternating between periods of extreme excitement and excruciating pleasures flowing from my penis throughout my whole body, and relaxed periods of blissful whole-body sensations, still extremely intense, as if I'm dissolving in a flood of ecstasy.\"



    Whoops, sorry Buster posted to other thread....I know you're trying to take the load off... so I'll post here too!

    7 UP,

    I hope you won't mind as I know that you originally put this one out to Pan, but this is my take. I too enjoy "continuous orgasms".

    Your description follows with what I have been saying for quite some time, namely that there are many paths to this place. The choices that we make and the way that we respond to those choices is what makes each journey unique. KSMO is one of many paths. It was undoubtedly formative in my journey although it was not the entire answer for me. Nonetheless I am firmly convinced of its merits and the intention of it's founder such that I have suggested that all newbies at least check it out.

    Given the level of your experience however, it's a bit of a different call. At this point clearly you are well acquainted with the phenomenon of the whole body orgasm, presumably having derived your own path for getting there. So could KSMO in some way enrich this experience for you...possibly. My sense is that it might give you a different tool with which to explore. I still use it in this way myself from time to time. Again...just another tool in your arse-anal :)

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
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    Many thanks guys for your feedback. As I'm enjoying myself so much I guess I'll not bother with KSMO; the thirty bucks will buy several jars of Aura Cacia exotic massage butter!

    By the way, I enjoy the "internal" massage of my aneros, but I only reach the extreme levels of pleasure I described by self "external" massage without the aneros.
  • Edit
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    Thanks Pan for your feedback about KSMO. The thought if being able to have orgasms with no stimulation at all sounds a bit scary to me. If such orgasms are as intense as those I am now experiencing, it would be impossible for me to hide it if I found myself having one during a boring meeting! But having said that, I have found that I can get pleasure waves rolling merely by massaging behind my knees or the insides of my legs just above my knees! Perhaps I should wait until I’ve retired before trying KSMO, otherwise I may never be able to concentrate on my work!

    About my technique; it has just developed naturally with age and experience. I usually start sitting on a large bath towel on the edge of the bath facing the large wall-mirror. First I anoint myself with a liberal amount of Aura Cacia exotic massage butter, from my inside thighs all the way to my collar-bone. By this time I’m usually already aroused and can place my thumbs on my nipples and the tips of my fingers under the head of my penis and stimulate all three points simultaneously. This also stimulates the upper side of my penis and above my navel where the head slides against my abdomen resulting in breathtaking whole-body surges of pleasure and a very hard erection. Now and then I will hold each side of my penis between my fingers and thumbs and, starting deep in the base, massaging back and forth in synch with slow deep breaths and PC muscle contractions, poco-a-poco working toward the head and then back again to the base. Then I’ll do my super-squeeze by placing my left hand thumb and forefinger tight around the base (in an OK sign), and while pulling forward just a little, squeezing my penis with my right hand, applying the pressure to the sides of my penis rhythmically, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, about twenty cycles at a time accompanied by PC muscle contractions.

    Eventually I’ll move to the recliner or bed and lie back on the towel to continue. The recliner is best for the simultaneous nipple-penis stimulation technique, but flat on the bed is best for my next technique. Lying flat on my back, I place my left thumb and forefinger around the base of my penis, this time gently, while pressing my left thumb hard against my pubic bone and gently pushing my testicles downwards with the palm and fingers of my left hand. I focus a while on the intense pleasure in my penis, and then I start to massage my pubic area with my free right hand, moving my focus of attention down through my penis into my pubic area. As the pleasure flows from my penis into my pubic area, the intensity in my penis does not diminish, but increases! I move my right hand higher up my body towards my navel, drawing the pleasure further up my body, and so on towards my sternum. The pleasure in the hollow just below the sternum is quite incredible, and having reached that point, my right thumb is now able to stimulate my nipple at the same time. Though the pleasure in my penis is absolutely excruciating, I keep my focus on the pleasures flooding all through my body, including my legs and even my lips and the tip of my tongue!

    By alternating between various postures and stimulation techniques I can sustain orgasmic-level pleasure for more than two solid hours. If I decide to go for the grand finale, then I’m flat on by back, using my thumbs and fingers each side of my penis, with almost no movement at all, relaxed and breathing very deeply, very slowly building up to a super-nova, again focussing on my whole-body sensations rather than my penis. This slow crescendo can last another twenty minutes or longer of absolute bliss, like dissolving into a higher-dimensional space of sheer ecstasy. Even at this point, sometimes I will decide to wind down and save my energy for another time. But once I decide this is it, the final super nova may last more than half a minute. The experience is beyond words.

    Enough said.
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    The HYPER-O

    After spending much time "dissolving into a higher dimensional space of sheer ecstasy," perhaps I should refer to the grand finale as a hyper-O. It typically involves twenty or so incredible surges, often reaching the maximum at about the 8'th or 9'th surge before they begin to decay. I always have a damp face-cloth lightly wrapped around my penis ready for the mighty flood, so I can drift into sleep without having to clean up.

    As I mentioned above, I often return from hyperspace without going for my hyper-O, and then repeat the postures and stimulation techniques I've already described. Thus I can cycle between periods of excruciating whole-body pleasure and tremendous excitement, and more relaxed periods of utter bliss.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey 7Up,

    thanks for taking the time to describe your technique in detail. It's great that you discovered this method on your own and I think it should give hope to any men who might expect that their orgasms will only diminsh after the age of 18. Clearly, wisdom and experience count for much more than biology alone!

    As for KSMO enabling practitioners to access orgasmic states without stimulation, I should probably clarify by explaining that it's generally an ability which is easily controlled and therefore only employed under (ahem) appropriate circumstances.

    Occasionally, practitioners report experiencing an involuntary, high level of arousal for a period of hours or even days after practicing. But these events tend to be rare and probably experienced by less than 1 in 100 practitioners.

    Generally speaking, the ability to enjoy orgasms at will, is quite similiar to developing a sense a humor. The greater one's sense of humor, the easier it is to laugh heartily when something funny occurs. However a good sense of humor does not cause you to laugh out loud in an inappropriate situation. It's much the same with orgasms. They don't become uncontrollable, just more accessible. I hope this helps explain it a bit more clearly.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the Aneros.

  • Edit
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    Thanks Pan for your advice. Your analogy with having a sense of humour has convinced me I should try out the KSMO approach; it sounds wonderful.

    As to the aneros, I use it occasionally because it is good for prostate health. I have the MGX, SGX and Helix, and enjoy all of them very much with their subtly different sensations. However I'm still inclined much more towards my front than my rear as far as stimulation goes. The techniques I've described induce tremendous pleaure deep inside my buttocks, in my prostate area, and in my tailbone and the base of my back, as part of my whole-body experience. Besides, the aneros needs a thorough washing immediately after use, just when I want to lie back and relax, or go to sleep.

    Regarding enjoying orgasms later in life, I have found that sexual pleasure only gets more and more intense with age, as well as being able to last longer and longer. In my late fifties I seemed to go through puberty for the second time, but continuing on from where I left off in my teens. By the way, I had a hormone test and my doctor told me I have the hormones of a twenty-year old. Actually, I think my hormones have never been as good as they are now. I used to be an average 5.8", but now I'm pushing beyond 7 (7++up). Also, even though I've always enjoyed whole-body pleasure, it is incredibly more intense now, as if pleasure cells and testosterone receptors have multiplied throughout my body. It's like the difference between a magnitude 7 earthquake and a magnitude 11. As I have said, my sustained levels of pleasure now far exceed my previous orgasmic peaks. It is totally awesome.