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It Works! My first one!
  • I won't bore everyone with a "how to" missive on how it happened, but after about two weeks worth of attempts, I finally had my first hands-free orgasm.

    It only lasted about 30 seconds. It was definately unlike anything I felt before, and it was really, really enjoyable.

    The one key difference for me was that I focused on some sexual fantasies instead of the contractions. In other words, it seemed to work best when I just popped my Maximus in and started to daydream.

    I will wait a few days, and try again. I think it best not to try too hard.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Sounds like you have the perfect attitude for success. Now that you know it is there and you can achieve it, you can slowly ascend the ladder for longer, multiple, and deeper "o"s.

    For others (and for me), maybe do describe your first orgasm a bit more. Where did you first feel it? Full body or a specific area?

  • NullNull
    Posts: 6
    Congratulations David!

    Sounds like you're well on your way.
  • its good to here that you have found success....then there is hope...i'm also a newbie to this device and on my first attempt...which was 1-1/2 hours i didn't get any where...its very fustrating when i was so ready for something(not really sure what)and so....i'm going to go at it again today and see what i can do this time?
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for the thoughtful comments everyone.

    I will say that I just urge all of the "newbies"--of which I still am--to continue Aneros use and to just focus on enjoying it. The O's will come.

    As for my actual orgasm, It felt a lot like I was simply cumming, only nothing was coming out and it lasted about three times as long as a regular ejaculatory orgasm.

    Hang in there everyone.

    By the way, I have tried putting TWO Aneros in my anus......WOW.....very intense........but it is NOT what caused my O. I was using the maximus.