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How do you know when the abutment tab is in the right spot?
  • I read that certain Aneroses work better for certain size people. I am 5'11.5", and I have a Helix. I've had it for a while, maybe a little over a month, maybe two, and I didn't reach supergasm yet. I'm just wondering if the perenium tab is on the right spot. How to tell?
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  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    You may want to read "B's keys to the backdoor" which is a Sticky. Or search on "sweet spot" as it is called in the Sticky.

    I am certainly no expert but my personal feeling is that the only proof positive that you have found it is successfully reaching an "o". Mini o or super o.

    As long as you are experiencing some new and "good" feelings that probably means you are ok in terms of your initial alignment (perinium tab and prostate).

    Hope that helps.