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Aneros experience without the Aneros
  • TaurusTaurus
    Posts: 33
    Hi All,

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

    I have to say my Christmas was great but my Aneros session have been dismal for the past month, I havn't quite figured out why but it seems that whenever I get close to an O, one import thing is missing and that's the tingling sensation behind the scrotum, usually that's a sign for me that something good is about to happen, I haven't figured out why it's not there but have come to two conclusions, one is that perhaps I'm not taking a long enough break between sessions and the other is that the abutment tab of the Maximus is too agressive, I'm leaning towards not taking a long enough break as I'm having the same results with the other models as well, so I'm going to try longer breaks between.

    Now onto the subject of this thread. About a week ago I was sitting in front of my computer surfing the net and that good ol' tingling feeling started behind my scrotum so I decided to have a little fun with it, I started to the breath in - hold for 5 sec or so and let it out, some really nice p-waves started to come on, after about 5 minutes of this I closed my eyes and did a few contractions, I started shaking like a leaf and was having minor involuntaries, it blew me away, I was having a farily intense Aneros session WITHOUT my Aneros, unfortunatly I was distracted and that pretty much ended things.

    Over the next few days I was able to get to the same point fairly easy but never had a Super O, although the sensations I was having felt great. After doing this over 4 days, I was getting so randy that I needed a release really bad so I used the old fashioned method and man did it feel awsome and it didn't take much either.

    I tried to start the Anerosless session out the next day but didn't have much success, the following day I had more success but today was the ultimate. It took a while to get there but eventually the shaking started out and then some involuntaries along with some nice p-waves and it got more intense from there, I must have been very close to a Super O, unfortunatly I didn't go over the edge.

    If someone would have told me something like this was possible about 5 months ago, I probably would have called that person a nut but as they say, don't knock it until you try it.

    Wishing you all the best for the New Year!!


  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Taurus!

    It sounds like (IMHO) you are pretty well into the re-wiring process and ready for love! LOL!

    I am inserting here an old post of mine, when I started having the same experiences! I was trying to explain this awesome development in my journey and was obviously very excited about it! :}

    "I sit in my desk chair every morning, enjoying my coffee
    and checking e-mails. I always have p-waves (pleasure
    waves), I breath in even breaths, and just ride them out
    to wherever they take me??? They take-off on their own,
    and I just follow..."

    "Lately tho, the p-waves have turned into mini-Os and I
    have been using this as an indicator to retire to the
    bedroom and add the Eupho (my favorite!)"

    "Well, I had an experience yesterday a.m., that has
    changed the way I look-at sexuality and the
    possibilities it holds for myself and for others???"

    "What started as p-waves turned into mini-Os again, but
    then rose to a higher form, and then to another! I then
    made the decision to not retire to the bedroom and to
    stay and ride this out, as it was the most potent thing I
    have ever experienced with no porn, no Anerose, no
    anything and sitting in an office chair!"

    "From this higher plateau, the feelings somehow
    changed their configuration, and I started having (what I
    am 100% convinced was a neural-loupe!) Orgasms,
    each wave of which, started in my anus, across the
    rectal canal to my balls and perineum and then up -
    completely thru my prostate and then this cycle started

    "Most of my Os previously, were fairly rapid in the
    cadence of the contractions, but these were very slow
    and very intense! (Almost in slow-motion and so slow I
    could easily follow the path they took and feel the full
    effect of each part of this contraction cycle)"

    "The Anal contraction was totally different and kind of like
    like a sweet bass note, the perineum and balls were
    more like the feeling of a traditional orgasm and the
    prostate's contractions were longer and more intense in
    each cycle and I could actually feel my prostate moving
    and scrunching during it's portion of the loupe and I had
    the most amazing sexual experience (orgasm) I have
    ever had!!!"

    "This lasted from 45 min. to 1 hr. and then I either had to
    go to the bathroom or piss in my chair... I went to take a
    leak, knowing full well It may be gone when I got
    back??? Well it wasn't and I had an additional half-hour
    of pleasure before it just faded-away... This experience
    has changed me and every step in my sexual journey
    makes me realize that the body and mind have links that
    I have never dreamed of!!!"

    "The idea of having an actual orgasm, of any kind,
    hands-free and with no machinery has always appealed
    to me. (Just your mind, breathing correctly and using a
    very light pc contraction when it subsides to a p-wave
    again, to get another one started.) Also, I find that the
    process is enough for me to stay sexually excited
    enough, without even any porn for a catalyst..."

    "I will always use my Anerose, so don't think I am straying
    away from the fold! The Anerose gives me a different
    kind of ride and, after all, variety IS the spice of life!"

    Hope this old post helps!

    Later, Hlaser