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Does postponing penile masturbation help with getting a supe
  • ?
  • My first O was on the 4th consecutive day - after 3 previous days of long aneros sessions and no ejaculation.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Stinger!

    From my experience and from others more advanced than myself:

    It is good to have a few days with no traditional orgasm under your belt, but there IS a point of "diminishing return" down the line???

    I try to keep my monkey down to once a week, but I am over 50 and it is hard for me, sometimes! I have heard from so-called experts, though, just lay-off for 2 days between sessions or "at least" one full day.

    (It's different for different people and age groups, etc...)

    Hope this isn't too confusing???

    Later, Hlaser
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    I agree with Hlaser. I give my body a rest (recuperating) period between sessions. Particularly when I have a long and successful workout. For instance, I had big fun with my "Eupho" last night. So I resist the temptation to do it again tonight. But tomorrow night, I'll be at it again for sure. The inbetween rest period definitely make the next session more enjoyable.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Stinger,

    Personally, if I abstain for too long, it gets too distracting in the session. If I get TOO horny, I spend too much time thinking about the "conclusion" of my session. However, if you have recently ejaculated, you might not have the "edge" that you might like to have for your session. I have had some pretty intense sessions within 24 hours. It all depends and is different every time.

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    I like to use the aneros at least once a week, but sometimes more and sometimes less. My last two times have been the lengthy 7 or so days, but my sessions were extremely satisfying....And yes, one of the nights the Eupho was there. I have been on this journey for almost a year and it keeps getting better and better. I have learned to have non-aneros orgasms in the last week also. I have not yet tried any of the KSMO,tranta, etc, techniques as of yet. I discovered I could have them while in the tub. I gave myself a message in my perineum area and focused on my g-spot. I became quite relaxed and was imagining an aneros stimulating my prostate, and slowly it became quite pleasureable. The orgasms were not far behind. I came 3 times while in the tub and then retreated to my bed for the real pleasure. While seating my stimulators I have discovered that if I keep my legs spread wide open with feet in the air, and when I have it seated I will spread my cheeks also. This gives me so much good feelings. When I put my legs down and so forth, the stimulators have a chance to really get fitted good. Does anyone else use this technique? Peace, Nood
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm one of those who has long advised putting some space between sessions. Arousal is a key factor in generating a Super O. In some ways it is the fuel that feeds the response. Consequently if one is completely sated from prior sexual activity, there is really nothing left to build upon.

    As and aside, it's ironic that males can have an ejaculation while drunk, beat up, depressed and even sick... (I suspect moments away from death might be a possibility for some as well..). It is our capacity for this that has made learning about the non-ejaculatory experience so daunting for many men as this is not possible with the Super O.

    The Super O is much closer to the female orgasmic response in this regard in that it is very sensitive to the space in which occurs. That is, if one is rested, of clear mind, open, and has a certain level of arousal to start from, he has a much higher likelihood of success with a Super O. Why? As I've stated on previous occasions, the sensations and pleasure waves that distinguish a Super O begin on very small and subtle levels. Being tired, sick, frustrated or devoid of arousal can become distractions that result in one ignoring these essential precursors (if they occur at all).

    With respect to arousal, as others have noted waiting too long in between sessions can get into the area of diminishing returns, in that one becomes too sexually frustrated to employ the patience required for a productive Super O session.

    So what is the optimum time to abstain? Frankly, it varies from one individual to the next. The idea here is to allow sufficient time to allow for arousal to build yet not so much time that one is compelled to seek immediate release as soon as the session begins. In my own case, it's about 2 to 3 days, but again, this will be different for others.

    One of the ways to evaluate this is to look at how often you masturbate now. Do you ejaculate once a week, several times a week or several times a day? If you currently have several orgasms a day, it will take far less time to accumulate some creative arousal than it does if you only have one per week. Experiment....and learn about your body, it's all part of the journey.

    Naturally as one becomes more experienced with the Super O, one may have a greater capacity to generate the response from smaller levels of arousal.

    BF Mayfield