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This was sort of unreal...
  • NullNull
    Posts: 6
    Well kids, decided to have another go this evening and things seem to be looking up LOL. Started off with the MXG, after freshing up that is. Ok, let me back up a bit....

    First off, I hope that everyone had a wonderfull x-mas. Mine was quite nice, thanks for asking LOL.

    On with the story...

    Again, decided to make an evening of it and did all the normal stuff. Nice quite dinner, relaxing shower, dim the lights and some quite music. Got my self prepped for a bit of exploration.

    Started things off with the approved on-the-side method and was enjoying, but it just seemed to be lacking something. Decided, after a bit, to give the Helix another go.... Just seemed like the thing to do.

    Tried the on-the-side position with it, and again, was not impressed. So... thought I would try something new. Got up on my hands and knees and tried a few pelvic thrusts. OMG, for some reason that really sent things in to overdrive!! Really glad that it's just me and the cat in the house, 'cause I'm sure I looked damn funny.

    Do you folks remember getting leg spasems(sp)??? I had forgotten about them and was a bit shocked at first, but just decided to go with the flow. DAMN... it was very... well it was just plain cool LOL.

    After about an hour, I thought it might be time for a short break. So decided to waddle off to the kitchen for a nice cool drink. BAD idea... never, And I mean NEVER walk through the house when you have a... ummm... well there aint no pretty way of saying it... a butt full of lube. It aint a nice sight. Trust me on this one LMAO

    Anyway... Things are looking up and hope to continue my exploration. Funny thing is, I had forgotten all about having blue balls and in a sick and twisted way, I'm sort of enjoying reliving my youth LOL.

    Best of luck to all of you folks out there!