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No Super O Yet...but I'm locked on...
  • To begin, I purchased an MGX a couple months ago after much reading about product through various reviews and the aneros forum. After a couple weeks of researching I couldn't take the thought of not owning an Aneros. Just days after I bought myself my first MGX.

    My first experience with it after insertion was WOW. The initial pressure of the MGX on my prostate was beyond anything I had ever achieved through conventional methods. I used the directions from the site, took it slow, and only got as far as having some very good feelings and had an orgasm through masturbation after my hour long session. I was left very optimistic at this point with high hopes of achieving a super O.

    I've used the aneros about 8 times since then. The 2nd time was unlike the first in the respect that I "expected" it to feel just as good. It didn't in the end and I became slightly frustrated. Each subsequent session became more rushed, more frustrating, and I eventually just used it to stimulate my prostate while I masturbated myself to orgasm.

    Well tonight took a turn for the better. I haven't used my MGX in a while and decided tonight would be a good night for it. To prepare I browsed the forums a little bit in search of tips and I found two good pieces of advice. One being to position the aneros closer to your anus if other spots haven't worked for you (the perenium spot and angle of the MGX worked fantastic this way). The second bit of advice was to just take it slow and use very small contractions to start. My mindset was now changed to take the time to use the MGX properly and not expect anything except to feel good.

    I began my session about 10pm with breathing exercises joined with full contractions and releases. After about 10 mins I began to make the smallest contractions I possibly could. The contractions began to grow larger, and soon I was holding my contractions just enough to get my anus to twitch and pull the aneros in and out. I mentally focused on my prostate and the great feelings I was having from this. In the mental state of not expecting a Super O, I was more relaxed and able to go with it.

    About 15 minutes into this excercise I all of a sudden could feel my penis as if it was getting hard. Adrenaline began to flow through all parts of my body, I shook, and my heart was beating so hard it felt as if it was trying to escape my chest. I was brought to a plateau point where I felt like I could almost orgasm, and although no Super O occurred, I was able to ride this plateu for about a minute.

    I was able to reach this point about 5 more times throughout my 2 hour session and let me tell you they all felt amazing. Even though I didn't have a super O I know how to get to that plateau point without a hitch. The only thing holding me back from a super O was being able to control my contractions so that they would be consistent. I now feel very reinvigorated about my MGX and know that with some practice keeping and holding contractions, I should be on my way to a super O in the very near future and am now convinced that the aneros really does work.