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And now for something completely different..
  • (this post was edited 2006-12-17 00:50:36)

    I finally got my hands on one of these after hearing about them for years and was pleasanty surprised. I've had much experience with anal play and have noticed that my orgasms are stronger after having my prostate massaged and figured this would be similar. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I believe there are two completely difference experiences one can have with this device. One is simply having it in during normal intercourse with your partner. This does enhance the experience, and is well worth the purchase just for the added sensation.

    But then there's the second method. I shiver just to think about it. It almost defies explanation, but I'll try. Lots of lube. I stick it in and forget about it. Read a book, watch TV, surf the net. After about half an hour I climb into bed and turn out the lights. For me it helps to be alone, with no distractions at this point. I close my eyes. It starts to feel..different. I slightly push against it. Just a continuous "almost not" slight pushing. Soon it seems to change its position. I'm not sure if it really does or if it's just an illusion, but at this time it seems to "turn on". An energy seems to spread throughout my body, tensing it and giving great pleasure..and yet this is all very subtle. Occasionally I can't control it and the feelings will force me to contract my anal muscles, and this will cause a sort of feedback loop giving greater and greater waves of intense pleasure. It's not even on the same scale as your standard ejaculatory orgasm. It's different territory. It requires imagination, it's a very mental sort of thing. Intangible..that's the word. You come out of it wondering "did all that really happen"? Trust did.

    Any distraction in my environment could dispell this pleasure at any point. It's very much like a trans-induced state I've occasionally reached during meditation. This is probably why a lot of people have difficulty experiencing this..they are treating it like just another anal sex toy. It's not anything of the sort. Quiet, darkness, no distractions, patience, let it work you over.

    Oh yeah, this was the Helix, and I'm 6'1" and weigh 160lbs.

    Best regards,

    The Man Who Was Thursday
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Hi Thursday,

    You are on the right track, from my experience. A state of calm, quiet, comfortable positioning, relaxed, and so on has led to the most seductive and additive sensations for me. The sensations are so "delicate" that, as you said, any distraction and they disappear. Along those lines, I have found a few things that may be helpful...

    1. I like the position of "sitting in a chair" but on my back. The legs are supported so they can be totally relaxed. This position seems to my body the most comfortable to relax. The same position but on my side or resting my chest on an ottoman with my knees on the floor are just too distracting...certain muscles just can not relax enough. "Jello" muscles are key to being able to focus on the tiny Aneros movements and the bursts of sensations that follow...

    2. I wear socks. In this position, the feet are elevated, reducing blood flow to the feet, and, the breathing is relaxed and shallow, slowing blood flow. If you are in this position very long, cold feet are very distracting. Wear socks.

    3. Cover your eyes. I find that the light coming through the eye lids distract me from maintaining a "mediatative" state...if you are having a daytime session...

    4. Stick to one Aneros model per session. The simple process of changing models causes you to contract those relaxed muscles, lose focus, and it is all gone. You have to start all over and, I find, I often do not get as "deeply" relaxed as I was. I have all models except the SGX, including the Classic, and they will ALL generate addictive sensations but of different types and degrees. You just have to be relaxed enough to feel them coming...

    5. The muscles in the area...PC, sphincter, anus, pelvic wall, and so on is how you manipulate the Aneros. Well toned muscles and skillful control will allow the Aneros to be used as a stilletto rather than a caveman's club...but it takes time and practice to get there. Be patient. I wrote a thread called, "Muscle tone ROCKS". It may be helpful.

    6. Ejac as little as possible...your prostrate will reward you when the Aneros comes a-knockin'! Ejac with an Aneros in is very nice. No argument there. The Aneros generated sensations are not better...just (VERY, VERY) different. I have sessions that go 3 and 4 hours and feel utterly amazed at the end and have to fight to do it again hours later. Ejac lasts how long...? Enough said.

    7. Don't be greedy. The longer time between sessions, the prostrate will be REALLY, REALLY happy and receptive when the Aneros comes callin'! We all need our "down time"...the prostrate is no exception. "Absence makes the prostrsate grow fonder"... Sorry, I can not help you with having enough self-control... Anything worthwhile...

    Just a few thoughts. Hope they help.
  • Thursday, Virg, et all...

    Thank You, Thank You... for both of these postes. They are so spot on the point to success.

    I purchased the MGX about a year ago after reading about these wonderful devices for 3-4 years. I guess I'd be called one of the lucky ones because I achieved the Super "O" on the second use. Being in tune with ones body is essential to success from my experience. Good muscle tone in the lower abdomen is essential (PC, Sphincter and the floor group), the ability to relax and shed the stress of daily life, the ability to focus on very fine (soft) sensations in the groin area including the prostrate and patience. I have found that these attributes are paramount to the Super "O".

    I've read just about all the threads on this site and have come to a realization of some, not all, of the feelings of the lack of or slow progress. There seems to be this impression that just inserting the device and presto here we go. Some what like "Instant Gratification" expectations. One has to carefully and deliberately teach your body to respond to this very subtle stimulation. The adage "Less is Better" seems to apply to a fair degree with any of these devices. Taking the time to find your sweet spot on the perinium and setting the abbutment tab is important. My MGX has modified twice to fit my body.

    What do I do? A hot shower is nice but not necessary, anal cleansing is good, adequate lube is essential. Relax... I like to sit and watch sports or a movie on the TV, surf the net, the best is to sit on the back porch and watch the bird, squirrels, bugs, lizards and listen to the sounds of nature. Just slip off into my own space so to speak. Use the Sphincter to slide the MGX in and out a little bit to find the sweet spot of the day and just let my mind & body take over. I will be off in "Never Never Land" in about 20 to 30 minutes. How long is somewhat determined by how much time I have... The longest session I have ever had lasted just over 4 hours of multipule O's just one after the other. But a short session of 1 or 2 O's can be just as satisifying and a good way to start the day with a cup of coffee on the back porch.

    I must add that my wife knows I have and use the MGX. Really enjoys watching my O's come and go, she is all for my using the "Boy Toy" as she call it. We've never used the MGX in conjunction with our love making.

    BTW I'm 60yo, 250#'s, 6' 2" and very active...

    Best of Luck to all on your quest.......