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Any Advice Please ?
  • Ok.
    Ive been using the MGX on and off for a year now. Nothing really ever happend maybe because i was forcing it too much and i start off with hard contractions. But just the other day.. i started off with slow and simple contractions for about 10 minutes. I mentally picture the Aneros hitting my prostate which gets me more aroused. Soon my hearts starts pounding and when i do a light contraction and hold it. The Aneros starts to move on its own, it gets deeper and deeper until it cant go any further and then it stops. At that point i can simply repeat the process but it always stops. Any advice ?
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Sounds like you are off on a new and fruitful direction! Similar to me, when you switched from hard contractions to more subtle ones.....the Aneros is coming alive. And, also similiar to my experience, the MGX is like a little submarine. Likes to dive deeply. Mine then started to move in and out over a 45 minute period. You must be having fun. Hang on. Continue in the same direction and enjoy the trip. Maybe let the forum know how you progress so others can benefit from your success.