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No luck - Evidently one of the few.....
  • winntwinnt
    Posts: 1
    Well, in reading through the posts, all I seem to see are those stories heaping on the alocades of the aneros. Don't know if the negative ones are being edited out or if I'm the only one that this doesn't work for. Had the Helix for a couple of weeks, not anally reserved and have been fairly well relaxed when using it. Have used plenty of lube, and kept the outside dry. No luck, nothing, nada... The only thing that I've ever felt is the pereneium "button". And that is not a pleasant feeling. Imagine someone pushing a penny, sideways against that spot. Irritating as all get out. We got this as a possible release mechanism, while I'm in chastity. All we got out of it was a hole in our wallet.

    Sorry we spent the money...

  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    Winnt: Don't know if you are gone for good or if you'll come back to read this, but I was in the exact same position as you with my Helix. Nada. For 6 months, nada. Pissed off, I threw the thing in my drawer--time and money wasted.

    But then I finally started doing some of the homework suggested by Mayfield and others--namely measuring where my sweet-spot is and seeing whether or not the abutment tab on my Helix was making proper contact. Guess what? It was a mile away. NOT EVERY MAN IS MADE THE SAME. My sweet spot is way high up under my balls. The Helix abutment was a solid 2 inches away from it and was hitting me rather close to my anus. No wonder I was getting nada. So, I did a little experimenting: With the device inserted, even though I knew it wasn't "fitting me properly," I pushed on my sweet spot manually with my finger and tried some of the breathing and contracting exercises. Hmmmm, that felt different. Different enough that I'd be willing (foolishly willing) to try a differently-configured model to see if the abutment tab would fit me better.

    So, I chucked that one, and I bought the classic (PSNew on the High Island Health site). The classic had a much more aggressive (higher up) abutment tab that came MUCH closer to my sweet spot, further away from my anus. The abutment still didn't completely hit me, but I was able to pull some of my scrotal skin down and come within a hair's breadth of the abutment pressing my sweet-spot. OOooo, YES!

    In other words, I finally bought the right-sized shoe. My 6 months of NADA turned into GREAT SURPRISE within two tries with my Classic. And, trust me, I wasn't expecting the Classic to work either at that point. I was VERY WARY about throwing away more money on a differently-configured model--geez they all look practically the same, how could one be any different than another? I was wrong, wrong, WRONG. I just wish there was some way that guys could make sure they were getting the right one without having to go through trial-and-error. This thing is making me feel so good--I can't write about it here because I'll get myself all worked up! But this device has lit me up like a damn firecracker!

    I'm a firm believer that if you feel nothing (or maybe nothing with a litle bit of irritation), you bought the wrong model. Read through Mayfield's "measuring the sweet spot" stickies, then, after marking your sweet spot, insert your model and see where the abutment tab hits you. I bet you'll find out some intersting information.

    I know everyone here seems to say it, but I've never had my body feel like this before. It's almost supernatural.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785

    Hey Kitmo!

    Your experiences brought on a sense of De Ja' Vue for me and I am sure for many Guys that have been at this for a while???

    I started with the SGX, the new line hadn't even come out yet, and I measured and found the tab to be far short of my "sweet-spot", so I started the process of heating it and bending it forward! I did this till it broke-off! (the abutment tab, not my Dick!)

    Now, I find the Classic and the Eupho to be very good, tab-wise! One thing tho... I hope you didn't throw the Helix away! As I have heard Buster say many times, "later-on, after you are re-wired and having super-Os, etc., the old models that didn't work before, now work!" I kept the SGX without a tab at all and use it for a change of pace or in a chair... I have actually had some of my best O's with it!

    Also, techniques that didn't work before are suddenly working big-time! So you have to go back and read the old threads AND try your old Aneros' from time to time; I think your body appreciates a little variety sometimes, just as we all do!

    I know what you mean by these feelings and happenings being almost "supernatural"! (In fact to me they are just that!) If I think back to just 2005, I would not have believed these amazing things possible!!!

    Later, Hlaser

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for your posts, guys... Well, at this time, I don't think that we're gonna spend another big chunk of change, on a "possiblilty". If the site, had been a bit more forth right and upfront. The only mention about size is that some "asian's" or men in smaller stature use model "X", we'd be more excited.

    Oh well, guess that it's just back to the basic frustration factor, as I'm in a chastity cage and have been since July. Thanks anyway.....

  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    winnt: Sorry to hear about your frustration, but I understand. If only these devices were half the price, buying a few differently-configured models wouldn't be such a burden.

    And, hlaser, you couldn't be more right! I did hang onto my Helix, and after 2 hours of the Classic working me over the other night, I decided to pull out (and put in) the old Helix that did nothing for me for 6 months straight. And, what the??? It was working! It felt different than the Classic, the head is a bit more aggressive and was stroking me vigorously! The rewiring had taken place--it took the Classic to rewire me--but the my newly rewired state allowed me to finally feel what the Helix was really like.

    What a strange reality...

  • Considering how cheap it must be to manufacture these things (after the research and development costs) and how important it is to find the right least for a beginner, you'd think they would offer one free swap to a different stimulator. I think they would be surprised how many people would eventually buy the additional models if they could just have a good first experience and not feel they've been swindled.

    The Man Who Was Thursday
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    You'd think something along those lines.. Lets see. MAYBE 50 cents of plastic... We pay the shipping. Storage - Ok so you have 10 or 15 boxes of these things in your basement, not like their keeping a warehouse full of these.. How much R&D could they have done, to justify the cost.

    Ok, yes, we are pissed, dis-satisfied, and if anyone in our realm of kinky friends asks, we'll tell them to use the stimulator thats at the end of your hand. It's free and always there and fits.