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High hopes, will see shortly
  • Just ordered a helix model based on previous reviews. I have seen this line of product advertised before, but always thought the price seemed outragous for fifty cents worth of plastic. I am a skeptic, and hope to be proved wrong.

    My background: 45 y.o. gay male. I am no stranger to anal stimulation. First experience was done at 16. I found my prostate then using digital penetration. I even used shaving cream as a lube, if you can believe that. It worked...but was not the menthol kind. I do not recommend that, but it did the trick.

    I have been probed with fingers, dicks, dildos, tongues and butt plugs. All of these highten the sensation of orgasm, but I have never had a "hands free" experience. That is what I am looking for. I tend to come quickly, and want to work on making the experience last longer...either solo or with partner.

    I have been trying to do some exercises re: the PC muscle, which I think I have identified. Sounds to me like the entire area behind the scrotum and including the anus. Chest curles are way easier to identify. But think I am in the right area. And I can do it while in the car, no weights required.

    Final note until I can report a session. I purchased my item from a website called The price was about $10.00 cheaper per item than retail, and they have a special going on which is a 10% discount at the checkout if you type in the code : holiday10. I am not affiliated with this company, but that discount made me decide to make the plunge, so to speak.

    Will post after the test drive.
  • Well, I got it yesterday and waited until this morning to try it out. My first impressions were that it seemed smaller than I thought, but heavier and more rigid than I expected. The fit was like a glove. It inserted with no effort. So I began to experiment.

    I knew at first that this was the best sex toy I have ever purchased. The helix feels custom made for me. Once in place, I tried the contraction procedure and worked really well. I knew it was hitting my sweet spot. It feels like finally itching a scratch you can never reach.

    That said, this first try was just an experiment. I did not expect to have any fireworks on the first attempt. I tried it in different positions: on my back, on my stomach, kneeling with ass in the air and finally had to see what it looked like in a mirror. Major turn on I must say, seeing what is happening down there as you experience it.

    After between 20 and 30 minutes, I decided to relieve myself in the tried and true manner and did a j/o. The orgasm was more intense than usual. It lasted longer than normal, and more cum than is ordinary for me. The rest of the day, I could still feel the sensation. It almost felt like I still had the device inside me.

    So, here is my attitude. If I never acheive a super O or dry O or whatever, don't think I care. This product hightens my experience, and it worth it for that fact alone. If the other things follow, great. I am tempted to ditch all of the old toys and just keep this one.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear lupton5,

    Welcome aboard. It sounds as though you have the right attitude to see this thing to a higher level faster than most of us ever thought possible. I am glad that your first time out was so successful. I think that you are going to find that the Aneros is going to help you in some pretty amazing ways. It certainly helps your experience last longer as you mentioned.

    Keep us posted and have fun.

  • On the third attempt, had a breakthrough. Here is how it went down.

    I decided I would not use the usual manual hand job to finish it off. But here is what I did. I held my member at the base, and did not stroke at all. I held it taut for as long as I could. Only stimulation was the inside stroking by the helix. And I went over the edge. Again and again and again.

    I cheated. But will get it right. Next time.
  • NullNull
    Posts: 6

    Happy to hear that you are enjoying your new found friend :) I seem to having better luck with the MGX model, but it seems that each guy is built a bit different and what might work for one does not work as well for another.

    I hope not to offend our straight brothers here, but I do wonder what sort of trouble two guys could get into with these little doodads.

    Wish you the best of luck on your self exploration journey.

  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Continued success and good stimulating for the future. Keep us informed.