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Little help?
  • Please read my first experience here before answering.

    I don't believe I did this right, is it true I should only insert it half-way into my anus, then my body will pull it in automaticly?

    I kinda just shoved it in, well gently of course..

    What can I do?
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    Given that this was your first anal experience, evertying you describe was not unusual.

    I would suggest you try finding your prostate with your fingertip first and get the feel for what its like to have pressure agaisnt it.

    Feeling like you have perform a #2 is not the ideal sensation to look for. If you press around with your finger and find a spot that makes you feel like you are going to pee, thats the right spot.

    I found when i first started playing with my ass, that it took a LOT of practice to losen teh muscles and get to the point where it was not uncomfortable to have anything inside me, even as little as my finger.

    Take your timea nd most of all practice. Start with an oil based lubricant and just yourfingers. Vaseline or other petroleum jelly is ideal. Water based lubes disipate WAY too fast for my personal comfort, but are a necessessary evil when it comes to using condoms or silicone toys.

    Dont give up!