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First try and an interesting surprise.
  • Hi Everyone

    I'd like to explain my first experience that ended as of 5 minutes ago. Hopefully you can give me some advice or pointers after I'm done.

    I started just over an hour ago. I got my package at about 10:45am. So I unpacked it let it soak in a mix of warm water and soap. Now after reading until my eyes wanted to close, I did notice one thing was said overall. Your body needs to relax!

    So here's what I did. I slipped into a hot bath and soaked for about 5-10 minutes, I've always found when doing so, it relaxes me entirely. Afterwards, I dried myself off but remained in the nude. I gave the helix a little rinse and dried it off. I then layed down on my right side, head on a pillow, right leg straight, left leg bent up against my stomach.. I am slightly overweight so it was not entirely against my stomach.

    I took a tiny bit of the water based lube and rubbed it lightly within my anus, then took a small amount and covered the Helix. I made sure it was a light coat. I didn't exactly push it in gently, but I didn't force it in abruptly. Almost immediately I had the urge to take a crap, as I read, I wasn't surprised by it but just ignore that particular feeling. I let it sit within me for a while, about 10-15 minutes.

    I closed my eyes and tried to relax further. The innitial sensations were not pain, but a sence of discomfort. I have not had anything up there before lol, so you can imagine the discomfort.

    Now here is where I'd like some clarification. Granted, I don't know a huge amount about contractions, but I can understand that there are two types, or maybe one. You know that a male can contract his muscles and make his penis wiggle or jump, I've always assumed this was the PC muscle. The second wasn't contracting the PC muscle, but somewhere else inside that clenches the sphinter.

    So during the 15 minute period, I was breathing slow and deep. During which I gave the occasional clench with my PC muscle. Now then I tried something different, relaxing for five seconds and really clenching with the PC muscle. I can really just either allow or foce small contractions or wait about 5-6 seconds and slam a big one. When I did this, it felt like each time I did it, the Helix was being sucked in. The general feeling was not so much discomfort, but it wasn't pleasurable either. I tried different possitions.. On my back, on my stomach, sitting, standing, kneeling on the floor... I didn't see any results. To be honest, I expected to have a Super O the first time I put it into me.

    So I put both knees to my stomach as much as I could. I will admit, during this session, I felt nausea. Perhaps because its been reported, or perhaps because it was 11am and I had an empty stomach.

    During this session, I did notice a small bit of shaking within my body, but I'm not entirely sure if the Helix was the cause. The discomfort felt more like a pressure inside me. Like it was poking something, and there was a minor almost insignificant pinch. I noticed only a moment of tingling within my testicles, but not much for a first try. I started about 11am, and stopped about 12pm. The discomfort did subside as I relaxed, but I cannot report any interesting sensations as of yet.

    I see this as a beginning, At the very least, I know how it will feel when I try again and I think my body will be less...struggling.. when I do. I'm going to try on monday as I work on the weekends.

    As for the interesting surprise.. I removed the Helix and as expected, it was covered with a very small amount of feces. So though I didn't feel the need to, I had a bowel movement. I will admit that though I didn't feel the need for one, I'm cleaned out lol.

    So may I suggest an alternate marketing advertisement for constipation!

    I will admit opening I feel I may not have done this to the letter, or proceeded properly, but I'm willing to keep at it.

    Any advice or comments would be helpfull. I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. Its taken me about 15 minutes for my ass to relax LOL. I suppose you could say I'm a perfect asshole now..heh..

    Anyhow, Hope to hear from someone.

  • Originally Posted By: BrianW
    To be honest, I expected to have a Super O the first time I put it into me.


    Let me get this straight, so to speak. You have never had any experience with using any toy for anal stimulation, and thought you would put it in and the fireworks would start? Great expectations, friend, which will doom you to fail.

    First of all you have to get used to the idea of this foreign object. I am new to the aneros product, but not unused to that type of stimulation. I would bet if you first rode a bike, you would not expect to win the Tour de France, right? Think in those terms.

    It will take practice, proper exercise, and willingness to overcome fears. That is my plan. I have only used the item twice, and no super o, but does not bother me. I am learning a new way to enjoy sexuality. In any new endevour, you will have a learning curve. Just try to enjoy the sensation and listen to your body tell you what it likes and dislikes. Why the rush?

    I had an interesting thing happen today on my second try with this toy. I was enjoying the experiment, allowing myself to feel all of the internal sensations without expecting much, and had to finish off my session with a hand job. As I began to come, the helix shot out of my ass (must say I was standing at the time and legs were spread). It caught me off guard, but felt fantastic.

    My suggestion is just give it a try. It may not be for you. But don't expect too much. My guess is you may be pleasantly surprised if you give yourself a chance.
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    I started using this device almost 5 years ago. In the first few months I had these very wonderful sensations, but pleasurable as they were, they were not the "super O". Nonetheless, I continued using it because it felt so good. Then came the time that I fell asleep with it inside, and I awakened feeling sensations beyond description. At the time I thought there was an earth tremor going on, because everything was shaking. But I didn't care because I felt so wonderful. It took a while before I realized that the only thing shaking was my whole body. So my advice, like the previous member said, is to take your time and have little or no expectations at first, and relax, Relax, RELAX. The unit responds differently in different bodies, according to the how much (or little) the user is relaxed. Give it some time.