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Pee experience
    Your experiences sound very fimiliar
    I have owned the Aneros for over a year with no success at all
    After an hour or so I usally want to pee really bad,and after doing so
    I lose concentration and have to start all over
    Recently I have tried inserting the small egg massager in with the aneros
    Last week after a few beers and relaxing I came very close to a super o
    I beleive , my heart was pounding very fast and very hard , my pulse shot
    through the roof and my breathing became very shallow, it took me by surprise when I finally realized what was going on, I lost concentration
    and the feelong went away .
    I have just ordered the Helix hoping that this will eventually bring me to
    the super o
    I have also tried to broach the subject about the male g spot
    I have a hard time in asking her to help me out, we have been married
    for over 20 years and have 4 healthy children , I even made her
    achive an incredible orgasms through massaging her g spot several years ago , but to this day she still does not let me try it again .
    Any advise out there
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    One of two things..maybe more.. The peeing feeling you are about to have while using it from what I've come to understand, and having it myself, not only with the aneros but other anal stimulation is a prostate stimulated orgasm. It will cause you to clinch up inside and the greater you clinch and stimulate the prostate the more you want to pee which ends up being a copious fluid .. this gives a orgasmic feeling that can be in multiples when stimulated properly. This is very similar to how a woman can have a squirting experience or are called squirters. They have a very intense orgasm that is a mixture of cum and urine that is ejected in a stream. That is what you are experiencing. There is nothing wrong, just relax and go with it and don't be afraid to make a mess. There can and will be a large amount that you expel so have a towel or something to absorb. Hard flooring works well for easy clean up. If you have a nice wife or girlfriend she may even enjoy indulging in some herself or his self which ever the case may be.

    On the topic of stimulating your partners G spot.
    I have found over the years the more you know about it and the more interest that you show( Not by constant reminder that's what you want to do) but by reading up on the subject. Knowing all the ins and outs. Know all the Greatest positions to stimulate it. Not by inserting a finger if that is what she is insinuating.

    During Intercourse there are numerous positions that can stimulate her G spot. So knowledge is the key in any aspect of life. Really show an interest. Get position books, not only the ones for partners but on the interest of the G Spot it self and woman's sexually orientated anatomy. Once you have infinite knowledge about a subject people are generally more apt to listen and learn. A nice dinner, a bottle of wine and some roses help too.

    Best of Luck and Stimulation!!