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First experience with the Eupho
  • TaurusTaurus
    Posts: 33
    Hi All,

    I started this journey almost 3 months ago with the Helix and it lead me to my first breakthrough although for the next month after that things didn't go to well. I thought it may be time to try something new, so I started using the Maximus. It took a few weeks to get adjusted and on my 3rd week I had a great session, I experienced about 8 powerful waves of pleasure.

    Moving on to the present, this past weekend I had alot of time on hand to really get to know my Aneros, it's not too often that I have a whole weekends worth of private time.

    I started out with the Maximus, unfortunalty things didn't go too well, the next day I went back to good ol' Helix, that was even more disappointing, I almost felt nothing, so I went back to the Maximus for my next session, over all not a bad session, alot of good feelings although no Super O.

    Along comes Sunday, I wasn't going to have a session today because I've had quite a few over the past 3 days, but I thought what the heck. I was reaching for my Maximus but then thought it may be interesting to give the Eupho a try since this was the one I've never really given a chance. I have the MGX as well but it's never really done anything for me.

    I popped my Eupho in and layed on my side not expecting a whole lot to happen but did I ever get the surprise of my life. I had it in for about 1/2 hour, I started to shake all over, as the sensation started to build I could feel everything tensing up, it then started to feel like I was sinking into my mattress, the strange thing is I knew I was tensing up but I felt less tension than there actually was, then my heart began to race like I've never experienced before, I think I even experienced real involuntaries! All I could remember thinking at the time is that this must be the grand Super O and I was just waiting for the intense waves of pleasure, but they never came, what I was going through had some good feelings but no earth shattering waves.

    I was able to return to a normal state and after about 5 minutes the same thing started to happen again but I decided to pull the plug and not let it go any further.

    I was always under the impression that I've experienced the Super O, but my session with the Eupho has me questioning that assumption, I've had shaking with the Helix but not to this degree and I've never had shaking with the Maximus but then again, I've never encountered alot of things with the other two that I did in this one session with the Eupho.

    It was a very different experience, it had the signs of a Super O but not the end result, I'm really hoping this was not a Super O as it would be very disappointing if it was, at any rate perhaps I will wait a bit before I try the Eupho again.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    You are going up a long set of stairs. Now go back to the disappointing MGX and it will probably blow you away. And certainly go back to the Eupho and repeat the session but when you get into the same experience try to go with it and get the swing going.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Taurus,

    I went back and reviewed your "Wierd Experience" thread and was reminded that you were pretty far along then. I figured that you had achieved the Super O. Now keep in mind that you will eventually achieve Super O's on many levels. I would not discount that you had a Super O before, only to have a different one using the Eupho. That is the cool part, they can be so different. I totally agree with Tripper that you will probably go back to the MGX at a later time and will not believe where it takes you.

    You are at a very interesting point in your journey. So much of what you experience is new. Enjoy it and try not to over analyze things too much. That will take away from the experience. At least it did for me until I figured it out. What am I talking about? I am still figuring it out!

    Have fun.