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Electrode placement experiment =)~
  • Hello again.
    So I have had a few injuries in the past and have a TENS unit. As I was looking back at some posts in the forum and thought I would try a few other spots. So I cleaned the back of my knee’s
    placed the electrode because I read that was a good place. And then I thought I would search around for two more pads. So I placed one on my perineum and the other mid way between my belly button and my penis. I found that if I take them down with something like medical tape it works better. So after all that I sat back at my computer and checked out some porn keeping in mind I haven’t even touched my aneros. With in a few minutes I went from a steady buz to a the wave setting on my TENS unit I felt the fluttering in my belly and my perineum at that point I didn’t need anything. I did my breathing sat back and BAM I stroked gold =)~