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Should I try a different model?
  • It's me again. Following on from a post couple of weeks back I still am getting nowhere. I have the Helix and the Eupho. Perhaps these models are wrong for me in some way. Should I try a different model? like the MGX?

    Any suggestions or recommendations please?

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hello again VS,

    I am sorry that you are having such trouble getting over the top. I needed to go back and review some of your old postings to get an idea of where you are, you have got a lot of postings in a lot of different threads, so I certainly did not see them all. From what I could see, it appears that you have been at this with those 2 models for well over a year and that you have had some pretty exciting sessions, but not a Super O. I was struck with one thought and I have no idea if it is going to help at all or not, but I thought I would pass it along. I might try to put the darn things away for awhile and give yourself a break. So much of this process happens in the head, that I thought that the frustration factor might be adversely affecting yoour progress. You have heard so many times here that everyone is different...probably to the point of wanting to shoot your monitor. Maybe if you just took a little extended break from it, you can come back into it with a whole new approach/attitude. I am as sure as I can be that you have been giving it your all, that is why I think that you must be pretty darned frustrated. Maybe some down time would help.

    I did go ahead and purchase some other models and I believe that in some way, it might have helped me in my journey. The difference there is that I had not been at it as long as you have. I think that once you do get over the top (and you will) that you will be as happy as I am that you have multiple models to choose from. The MXG is part of the 1st generation models but it happens to be my favorite. You have two models of the 2nd generation, and in my opinion, they do not have as aggressive of a perenium tab. Just a thought.

    Why not take some time off during the holidays and buy yourself an MGX as a gift to yourself? Maybe those two factors will help you along. I took two weeks off this month and ended up having my best session ever (details in my blog) after that time away. That was after being on this journey for over a year and a half.

    Keep going VS, let us know what happens.