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I have the helix in now sitting on it now(stared my session
  • well started out with a very good cleansing douch of my ass (2 standard hot water bag)sitting on the toilet NOT laying down!!!
    took a reall hot shower and expelled any excess water when i was on all fours with the water beating down on my ass, GETS YOU ASSHOLE ORENENTED QUICK!! AND VERY EROTIC TO BEAR DOWN AND EXPELLL WATER WHILE RUBING YURSELF AND JUST GETTING IN THE MOOD.nexyt i lubed myself with vasiline pushed some deep mas i could and lubed the aneros as well. Now in sitting on it fealling really horny and sexual.I stop every once in a while to have a orgasm but when this happens as i type, the aneros is pulled deep inside me as though my body KNOWS whats going on and WANTS it!!!