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newb and have questions.
  • sup guys. Im thinking of buying a aneros. I only have one other sex toy, a flesh light, I like it. Takes alot of time for preparation tho. Heres my questions im sure some of these have been asked many time: Can the aneros damage your ass hole at all or make it looser? lol. 2 do all of them vibrate? which ones vibrate? whats the best one for a beginner? how big are they? thinks thats it. :) thanks
  • Hi

    I own a Fleshlight and an Aneros Helix. Of the two, the Helix gets more use because it is actually easier to clean up and the prep is about the same. Straight after use I dunk the Helix into Miltons solution (Sodium Hyperchlorite bleach in water) and it comes up like new. Actually I don't bother warming the fleshlight up beforehand because they get up to body temp pretty quickly with a cock inside them.

    Size-wise, I think the Helix is marginally bigger than the MGX because of the rippled shape, but in absolute terms is about the length of your middle finger for insertable length and as thick as a man's thumb.

    None of the units vibrates - they are totally passive devices and many users including myself find the "lie still and do nothing" method to be very enjoyable.

    I find that the most difficult aspect of the Helix is making entirely sure the lower bowel is empty before starting a session - eating a couple of Lbs of figs per week should ensure you don't have to interrupt the pleasures of a session to evacuate. Actually it is precisely because I wanted to use the Helix more that I modified my diet to include a lot more vegetables and fiber.

    I started with the Helix, which is my only model but general consensus is that either that or the MGX is fine for beginners.
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    can they damage your butt at all or make it looser? whats it made out of? Kinda grossed out by them now dont want to stick any thing in my poop hole.
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    It will not make you hole bigger, you take bigger craps than this thing is in diameter. Use a good lube like KY and the key to anal play is, well, here's a write up I did on it a while back, it applies to the Aneros as well:

    The key to this is to take your time and go slow. You learn how to control your butt and schincter muscles. You learn how to RELAX THEM and you get used to the feeling of it all.
    Anal play for beginners

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor and I do NOT play one on TV. This is the way *I* learned how to discover anal play. As usual care needs to be practiced. GO VERY SLOWLY.

    First start off with a TRIMMED index finger. You may even want to put on a latex glove first to help make it even smoother. Use KY or the drug store brand of KY and lube the finger well. Place it VERY GENTLY near the anus and lightly circle the hole with the finger. DON'T INSERT YET. Just circle it for a few minutes. After a few minutes without insert, just put the finger over the anus and gently press a bit without entering. Just apply a bit of pressure.
    Do this over and over a few times and after a few minutes SLOWLY begin to insert JUST THE FINGER *TIP* in about a quarter of an inch then take it out. Do this a few times then go a LITTLE further in. Repeat this until you have you whole finger in. DO NOT FORCE IT, IF HE OR SHE OR YOU SAYS STOP, STOP!

    Within a week or so of trying this the person should be fairly used to the finger and inserting and pumping it in and out should become easy. Also try moving the finger around while inserted, back & forth,etc. Orgasms ARE VERY VERY INTENSE when you leave your finger or butt plug or dildo in.

    Soon you will want to try something slightly bigger than your finger. Try your middle finger or graduate to a SMALL butt plug. Same rules apply to the new toy as did with the finger. Start off using the finger as usual then after getting loose begin with the plug.
    Plugs have flared bottoms to prevent them from going all the way in. If you graduate to dildos later get ones with a flared base or ones that have the balls at the bottom. This prevents them from slipping all the way in. You don't need a trip to the ER to retrieve it, that would SUCK!
    After a while you will become very used to anal play and you won't need much time to prep for your session. You'll loosen up very quickly after you learn how to relax your anal muscles. It takes me less than 5 minutes to go from start to riding a 8 inch silicon dildo like a bucking bronco!

    The key to learning anal play/sex is to TAKE YOUR TIME.