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Fake Aneros's?
  • I was surfing around the net, doing research on "other" prostate devices and happened to come along

    Its not my intention to advertise this website as spam. The purpose of this post is simply this.

    I am assuming the Aneros company has patented their designs. So why is this other company selling simular products?

    Let me know, I smell a law suit.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    I believe both companies are affiliated. HIH supports and sells into the medical community for prostate massage. Aneros obviously emphasizes the MMO effect. When you receieve your Aneros, it will have a small HIH marked on it.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Not only that...but they have a forum that I have poked around in.

    You never know where the next, best idea is going to come from.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    (this post was edited 2006-11-15 18:11:18)

    High Island Health is the manufacturer and marketer of the Aneros

    they have two websites: --> sexual use --> therapeutic use

    (would you want to be directed to this site by a urologist treating you for prostatitis?)

    Look on the tab of your aneros, you'll see an HIH logo.

    Look on the return address of your shipments.

    Probably, also, look on your credit card bill.