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I need Advice for my first Aneros
  • (this post was edited 2006-11-15 11:21:25)

    Good Morning.

    I saw Aneros a few years ago and didn't think it was for me. However I will be purchasing my first at the end of this month.

    I am unsure as of how to proceed so I am seeking advice in this matter.

    Here is some brief but genuine info about myself that may assist in any advice given.

    Weight: about 250
    Age: 21 (Legally an adult)
    I would consider myself slightly overweight as I have diabetes, however its quite under control. Yes, I know this isn't pertinent information, but it doesn't hurt to say it.

    I'm hetrosexual and have never questioned my sexuality,however I'm not closed minded when it comes to prostate message/sensation. Only one time in my life have I experienced something that you could call a super orgasm.

    When I was young, maybe 10 or younger, I used to climb the pole of a basketball hoop my friend had. It was coated in black primer so I could easily climb it bare foot. I did it alot but one day I did grinded my pelvic region against it by accident. By doing so it gave me an odd by extremely pleasurable sensation. The best way to put it into words is to say it was like my whole body was tickling. It wasn't enough to make me cry or scream, but it

    I'm not sure what happened, still don't know, but this is why I am looking into Aneros to re-create the experience.

    I am not a patient man, sadly it runs in the family lol, so I'm looking for quick and/or instant results. I do not want to "work at it" for an entire year.

    But I regress, I will be patient if I must.

    Basicly, I'm looking for results and I will be patient if need be.

    I have not tried anal play in any way, shape or form, however I know my body and I am confident it won't be a problem. I would like some advice as to which Aneros stimulator to choose. I know everyone is different and its impossible to say which device works for each person, so I have three small questions.

    #1. Since I lack patience, would anyone suggest the Aneros Helix for an inexperienced man?

    #2. I am not fond of the idea of the rectal syringe, are there any dangers or consequences to not using one before using the Aneros?

    #3. Shipping to Canada?

    Any other advice or comments are very much appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you all. Good day.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Welcome to the forum. I am also a newbie but from the forum you might find a few consensus inputs to your questions:

    ...the range of time varies widely for folks to achieve Aneros capability. But, you could be one of the lucky ones with success in a short period with just a small investment.

    ...Helix is recommended for both beginners and advanced users

    ...syringe use is not mandatory but only recommended to achieve high lubrication levels to enhance Aneros movement.

    ...If this source or others do not support Canada, just go to ebay for a new and inexpensive Aneros

    By the way, there a few interesting posts & threads on the forum describing similar childhood experiences of pole climbing. In fact, one is titled "climbing the pole".

    Good luck in your venture.