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My childhood came to visit!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey All!

    Let me start this post with a flash-back to my childhood, the happiest times of my life:

    First of all I would like to say that, I had a fantastic childhood, as a child in the 50’s and growing-up in the Midwest! I had a very, loving family and had everything a kid could ever want growing up…

    As a child of probably 10, I didn’t really know much about sex, but I did know how to masturbate. I used to lay in the cool grass, by the little creek that ran thru our land, well into the woods behind our house. It was far enough from civilization and my special place was secluded enough that I felt perfectly safe there and so I would pull and pull on that little member for long sessions, which felt very good, and I knew that “funny feeling” would eventually come! I wasn’t old enough to ejaculate, so it took a long-time for it to happen, but when it finally did it was the most wondrous feeling in all of creation to me! As if the skies had opened-up and poured pure joy all over me!

    The orgasm lasted a good 20 seconds or so and then I would just lay in that cool grass and listen to the creek run and feel the amazing after-shocks for a good, long while! Then I would sometimes just start the whole process over and do it again! No ejaculation – no problem back then to do it as many times as I wanted! (at least till my Willie got too sore to continue…)

    (Little did I know, that this wonderful feeling would return one day and bring-back these magical memories from my childhood!)

    Seems silly now, but I couldn’t wait for the day that I could produce that thick, “white stuff”, like the older boys… (sign of being a man, I guess?)

    Now let’s leap forward to present days:

    It was a day not long ago, when I had a beautiful KSMO session with many MMOs and the orgasms were stronger than I had ever felt before! As the hours led on, I was quite satisfied and didn’t feel like continuing my session any longer. But my body had different ideas and wouldn’t allow me to stop having base-line orgasms! (Sounds a little like a Cialis commercial: “if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, consult your doctor.”)

    Strangely, this was just a few days after I asked about “grounding” on the Live Chat and was told many ways to come back to Earth by chat members, which seemed like a very lucky coincidence! I tried baths, food, movies, T.V., etc. as I was told in the chat-room and nothing worked! This was my first experience with being “un-grounded”, so I was a little frightened by the whole thing! (would I be having this base-line orgasm forever?) OMG!

    Well, I knew one last thing that had NEVER failed, in similar situations any way! Just have a traditional ejaculation and it will ALL go away in short order! Simple…right? Not!

    I grabbed a hand-full and started masturbating, but it took a long time for some reason and it felt like 5 times better than “Normal”… Wow! Then I finally ejaculated and it also lasted much longer than usual! I am thinking that this is the best “traditional” orgasm I have ever had, bar none! When I got over the shock of this very wonderful event, I realized that my “guys” were STILL having their same base-line orgasm as before!

    Why didn’t it work? Suddenly, I realized that the towel under me and the paper towel below my penis only had a few drops of semen! Again, OMG! Something’s wrong with me! Then I examined the semen, only to find it was not semen, but after tasting it (salty) and looking closely at it, I found it was the clear and less viscous prostatic fluid (pre-cum)! Wow, I just had an amazingly long, ejaculatory orgasm with no semen…basically dry and one of the best orgasms of my life!

    Later, I had this ‘dé jà vu’ feeling for a couple of days, and suddenly I realized it seemed some how familiar or like an old friend, maybe! Why? That’s when the above story came rushing back into my mind, from my childhood! I felt nostalgic, exhilarated, horny, sexy and very full of joy! (I was so full of joy, that it brought tears to my eyes, realizing my life has now come full-circle, sexually!) I keep having this big smile on my face every time I think of it now! Very Cool!

    Oh, I almost forgot! I was led later that evening by my intuition, I guess, to a remedy for my all-day base-line orgasm dilemma. That evening, I inserted my Aneros and in 20 minutes I was completely “grounded”! Go figure! (Major Tom has landed!)

    (I wrote this because of an earlier post here. If this jogs your childhood memories, please share them with the rest of us! I find this extremely interesting???)

    Later, Hlaser

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Cool story Laser, I enjoyed reading it. I have no similar story to add, but I wish I did.

    Party on.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Thanks for being the first to say something, Buster!

    (seems like you are willing to jump in there, when others seem hesitant)

    I was beginning to wonder if I should have posted this, since it was only related to Aneros and not entirely an Anerose story...

    Thought maybe I had freaked-out someone or maybe they just were not into this kind of post, or were not comfortable speaking about their childhood???

    I just felt that since it was interesting to me, as an, average male, it may be of interest to others???


    Later, Hlaser

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Laser,

    A year or so ago, someone started an thread about 1st time wanking experiences or something like that. I jumped in on that one but the general feedback was that there were places on the internet for that type of discussion and this was not the place. Apparantly that was the case because the moderators put a lock on the thread. I think that all of this stuff is related in one way or another to what we are going through here. Everybody's story is a little bit different and whatever it takes to get you there or helps someone else is what it is all about.

    However, there should probably be some kind of direction in this forum, or we can get way off subject, so I guess that was how it needed to be. I had emailed the Aneros Support folks a month or so ago and said something about getting a chat area, they said that it was in the works. That could be a nice addition!

    Have a great day gentlemen.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Buster,

    Thank you for your open-minded view, we can always count on you to keep an eye on the big-picture and on what's right & correct!

    My intention in this post, was not to tell a wanking story. I was telling a story about "orgasm without ejaculation" (dry orgasm), after all, isn't this what we are all trying to master, and all here for???

    I agree with you about "all this stuff being related"! Since this post contained stories about "dry orgasm" and mentioned the Aneros, as well as other disciplines our members use, that this was well within the interests of our Forum Members???

    Although, I am shocked to hear that Aneros Support actually sensored someone from speaking their mind about masturbation! (even if it was off the main subject a little!) I guess I was a little off subject a few weeks ago when I started a thread, asking "what music people listened to", but some people really seemed to enjoyed taking about their music, making love and brainwave sounds, etc!

    I think some diversity will keep the Forum alive and growing, because it is entertaining and folks look forward to logging-on every day!

    Great idea about the chat area, Buster! Another way to communicate and isn't that what we are trying to do here??? (all types of people from around the world here!) "Communicate, Inform & Entertain!"

    I believe that the forum should broaden their base when possible, so it can grow! IMHO (If we were narrow-minded folks here, we certainly wouldn't be sticking alien-looking probes up our anuses and trying to have dry orgasms.)

    I'll jump off the soap box now and let someone else take over! LOL!

    Later, Hlaser

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Buster and Hlaser,

    I find almost every thread interesting and learn something new in the process. Four months ago, I never heard of a prostate or perinium let alone males having multiple orgasms.

    Ended up trying all the music recommendations from the music thread you started Hlaser.

    Grounded by the Aneros? I would have never guessed that would be the thing that would finally ground your feelings. I would give quite a bit to be ungrounded right now. In fact, my earlier Aneros activity produced quite a bit of non Aneros rewiring "stuff" that I would love to feel again. I guess the body evolves with more Aneros activity. I am just awaiting the next interesting level and getting off this particular plateau.

    You both are quite lucky having achieved "expert" level and I hope some day to be an alumnus member of the Aneros graduate class.

    I like the chat idea also. Maybe the experts could moderate and the newbies could have a nice back and forth dialogue for more effective and immediate recommendations.

    But, you have to recognize that this forum is very professional....made so by the contributors.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Tripper!

    Man, that's great! You enjoy the posts "exactly" as I do. I still try all kinds of new tweaks to old techniques all the time! We are ALL evolving in the practice on all levels and in a multitude of ways...

    The journey has no "sky is the limit"... it's "sky isn't the limit"! I don't consider myself an "expert", far from it??? (altho, there is a feeling when you're re-wired and have achieved a super-O, that you have sort of earned a "degree" or something, I suppose! LOL!) I am re-wired and enjoying some Super O's and some different flavored O's from KSMO now, but I have only gone thru the first gate into the garden of pleasures, now the journey beyond has many gates that are yet to come! I believe this!

    I am a music junky from way back! I have grooved on ALL kinds of music my whole life, and now the Ecstacy CD is pretty amazing in a different way!

    I hear ya Man! The Anerose and this Forum, of course, is responsible for the beginning of my enlightenment and for my re-wiring process! Also, for my achieving the lovely p-waves I experience off and on, all day and of course the mini and super O's... I did feel as tho I needed to expand my abilities and my knowledge base and KSMO protocol is attending to my needs in this area, quite well in fact!

    It would be nice to know who is currently on-line and be able to chat! Buster's idea is an excellent one!

    I agree! The Members make or break this Forum...

    Later, Hlaser

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Did a typo on KSMO and logged on as Trigger. So, I remember well the online chat we had with Johnston last month. KSMO is not there for me yet. Maybe after further Aneros success.

    Last night I decided to follow one of the recent Aneros forum threads and fall to sleep with the MGX. Worked. I woke up to full body buzzing, fast heartbeat, and fast breathing. I guess for some folks the "fall to sleep with the Aneros" approach works...and I might be one of those. It was nice to have those effects return. In fact, it feels close to some of the pre-O effects I read about on the forum.

    The ecstasy MP3 was interesting and I listened to it a number of times. Listening with the Aneros, though, it seemed to overpower the Aneros I don't use them together.

    On the path,

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Trigger!

    Wondered what happened to you, dude!

    I, of course, remember our e-mails and the online chat! (This is really interesting!) I always enjoyed your e-mails from Trigger or Tripper... (somehow Tripper seemed a little more worldly??? LOL!)

    The do-nothing thing did nothing for me, but I hope it lets you cross over, Pal!

    I have recently learned that it is essential for me to keep the Anerose on one day and the KSMO on the next day! (every other day...) Otherwise they kind of cancel each other out or something???

    Hope you come back after you reach the re-wiring point and get the big one! (We need more good Forum members like you!) The new OrgasmWiki site is awesome and I hope you at least sign-up and keep up with what's going on there??? (check-out my brand-new BLOG there?)

    I think Aneros and KSMO are very complimentary; like bookends to your orgasmic book collection!

    Good to hear from you again, man!

    I think you should be Trigger one place and Tripper the other...variety, right?

    Later, Hlaser

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hi Hlasewr,

    hanks for your most interesting post As I am a complete new chum her and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first Aneros i am enjhoyuing defvouring the forums and testimonial pages. N o being an in itiate could you please translate for me the meaning of SCMO ?


  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi JoBlo,

    If you mean KSMO, it means Key Sound Multiple Orgasm.

    You may read about this at if you wish...