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Something Happened! But What Was It?
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    Hi! I know, I know, if I had a Super-O, I’d know it. And I know everyone and their brother has already posted a post just like this one. But I’ve got to ask everybody out there: What was this? (Sorry about the length of this post, but writing it down is helping me to analyze and remember what happened, but I need some help figuring out what I experienced):

    Background: Never had any kind of Aneros-O, yet, that I know of. I’m a user for about 6 months, about 20 tries overall. Usually, I don’t touch my penis during a session (my sessions average about 3 hours), but I just do everything as prescribed. I rarely get erections when doing the Aneros, though I do get what I think are involuntaries and some nice twitching. During sessions, I’ve also had the experience, about 5 times, where I can slowly feel the prostate getting very hard, and the pressure increases inside, and there’s so much pressure on the perineum that it almost hurts, but I usually don’t have an erection even when this is happening, just incredible prostate pressure. I don’t touch my penis when this is happening either. That prostate hardness will eventually subside. It all feels great, but nothing earth-shattering. And none of this seems to “break” and turn into anything else like orgasmic contractions.

    But last night something different happened because when I started feeling that increasing pressure as my prostate enlarged, I decided to touch my penis. Like I said, after about 2 hours of working it (mostly on my side), I decided to roll over on my back and touch my penis, but only barely, barely. With the tip of one finger, I lightly stroked the frenulum and underside, just once. One stroke with only the tip of my finger. I started getting very, very hard. Rock hard, I just let my penis grow without stroking it, just holding it with my fingers. When I was all the way hard (very hard feeling) I stroked one more time, and one time around the urethral opening, just lightly with my fingertip--I am usually wet with Cowper’s fluid, as I was at this time. After about 15 fingertip strokes in various places on the underside (10 seconds in between each), I started to feel like I was going to have an orgasm--the feeling very slowly started coming up from my feet and worked its way upwards in intensity. The feeling increased in intensity even in between my strokes, on its own, which was interesting--though I also kept stroking (only with my fingertip) about once every 10 seconds or so as the feeling increased. I DESPERATELY wanted to give myself a good hard stroke and run away with it, but I controlled myself, breathed, and didn't do it. I applied a tiny bit of pressure to my frenulum with my fingertip, just pushing on it, but not moving across the surface. I’m also increasing pressure on the sphincter the whole time; I can feel inside the prostate is very hard (as I’ve felt before), lots of pressure from the device, and my penis is very hard.

    Anyway, in a rather short time of only doing this for about 3 minutes, the feeling builds and gets super-intense and then it breaks, and I eventually start to pulse like I am having an orgasm. It feels pretty much just like an orgasm. Actually, I thought was shooting off in my hand, but I wasn’t. My penis is bobbing and very hot feeling. I’m a quick pulser in general, and I pulse about nine times--squeeze, squeeze, squeeze--but there’s no ejaculate, nothing is coming out. (By the way, I’m on my back, with my legs down, straight out on the bed. I’ve found that if I keep my legs up like many people suggest, the device likes to slide out too far and there’s no perineum pressure. Keeping my legs down and sort of together forces the device to stay inside deeper.)

    The pulsing and the feeling lasts about 15 seconds, then my erection starts to go down, like pretty much right away. I get completely soft. I decide to put very light pressure on my frenulum again with my fingertip. I am surprised that how even the super-lightest stroke or pressure I can REALLY feel it, as if the feelings have been magnified under a microscope. I also run my finger around the frenulum and the backside of the glans and at the sulcus (on the underside). I’m wet with precum. Whew!

    Well, I start to get hard again within about 3 minutes, and I slowly grow back up to full size, just holding my penis in my fingers. I do it all over again, stroking with my fingertip about every 10 seconds, just one stroke at a time and feeling each stroke separately. That pre-orgasm-feeling starts to build again in my feet, and it increases in intensity. This is where my memory gets a little hazy--but I DID NOT reach the same pulsing-state as before, though my prostate and penis are super hard, and the feeling is building. But then the feeling subsides without the orgasm-like pulsing, and I begin to go soft again, right away. But it is clear to me that I’ve not had an orgasm and I VERY MUCH WANT TO.

    This happens one more time, after about another 3 minute rest totally soft. I stroke it once every 10 seconds with my fingertip only, I get super hard, the feeling builds starting from my feet upwards, and it feels like I am going to have an orgasm. But again, I don’t reach that pulsing-state like the first time.

    A man can only take so much. So, I encircle my penis with my finger and thumb and stroke the full length, once, twice....about 15 times, very slowly (super slow motion), and that was all she wrote. When I ejaculated, the Aneros was DIGGING INTO ME SO HARD it hurt, especially at the perineum (but I can take it!). This slow-motion masturbation was new, no doubt about it. I mean, I’ve managed to work myself up in a traditional whip-it fashion, and then back way, way off, to stroke slowly to an orgasm before on my own without the Aneros. But I don’t think I’ve ever masturbated in slow-motion like this before, where ALL I DID WAS BARELY TOUCH MYSELF, and when I did actually begin to stroke, it was only a handful of times at super slow speed and light pressure. Very cool.

    BUT MY QUESTION: What was that initial pulsing, which was definitely like an orgasm with about nine very strong pulses, but no semen? WHAT CATEGORY DOES THAT FALL UNDER? WHAT WOULD YOU CALL THAT, JUST SO I KNOW? Could someone give it a name? Is it a mini-O? Is that what the super-O is, or some version of it? I guess I’d call it a dry orgasm for sure, though I was making penile contact. Help? Thanks!

    PS: Modified Aneros--I found my sweet spot was NOWHERE NEAR the perineum point of the Helix I have. My point is WAY FAR UP, right where my scrotum ends. There were 2.5 inches (in other words, a chasm!) between where the Helix was resting and my sweet spot. I was able to melt and move the point further up some with a heat gun as suggested, but I’m still miles away from the actual spot. If anyone has a similar body-configuration and has any suggestions (like another model that might fit better?), let me know, PLEASE! Thanks for helping me sort through this...

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    (this post was edited 2006-11-12 19:14:14)


    Where was the sensation centered during this first episode.....was it all penile....did it feel fairly consistent with a penile orgasm...or was it different.....if so, how so?

    Regarding the Aneros itself and your requirements, the MGX Classic would be a terrific choice for you. The abutment tab on the stock unit engaged me just below my scrotum. My modification of this unit involved shortening the arm (my "sweet spot" is much closer to the anus). This unit may be purchased in the Volcano Pack on this site or from the site by itself. (see PS NEW )

    BF Mayfield
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    BFM: Thanks for the suggestion. I was just thinking about the Max or the Eupho or I'll look at the MGX as you suggest.

    The sensations I described in the first post were defintely penile. So what does that make this? I mean, it was really neat, but all I can say is it felt like a "dry penile orgasm"--very much "high up" at the base of the penis and in the scrotum. Also, I've been careful to follow your "don't touch the penis" suggestions, and I can "understand" how such stimulation can get one off track, or hide what might be happening otherwise (it makes perfect sense intellectually). It's just that, you know, after 6 months, you start looking for different ways to do things to see what might happen...experimentation. Penis-wise, I've gotten quite expert at getting to the verge of a traditional orgasm (with Helix-only and no touching for the first 2 hours, and then with very little stimulation thereafter), and sitting on the verge of it--just sitting there on the fence with very light, and very little penile stimulation, and little contractions here and there to make the Helix move, for upwards of 20 minutes or so, hovering right on the cusp of ejaculating. This is exceptionally neat, and time flies by. But I know it's not what others describe here. This lack of "Super-O activity" is also driving me to look for another model which might fit differently, of course. I guess that happens with a lot of folks.

    Thanks, too, for all your suggestions in your stickies. The jury is still out on whether or not the heat-gun mods I made to the Helix have made any difference exactly, though I stretched that abutment as far as I could toward the scrotum. I can say it is closer, but... Anyway, please know that following your directions in finding the spot, marking it, etc., has been an important education unto itself. If I go for the MGX, I'll post the outcomes here.

  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    Mayfield, the Guru: Ordered the PS New (MGX Classic). I can see from the picture, the abutment stretches way further out, which is EXACTLY WHERE I NEED IT TO BE! (It makes me wonder why they modified/discontinued it; are people with my config in the minority or something?) And what perfect timing too! I was just tonight looking at all the mdoels, trying to sort through them, and I was just starting to think: "Eh, I guess this might simply not work for some of us who are configured differently."

    Here's to hoping I'm wrong!

    Thanks for your sage advice! Updates to follow....

  • (this post was edited 2006-11-13 12:23:09)

    That Classic's a bit of a different species. Because the abutment tab is further up towards the scrotum, the fulcrum is different in a very good way. I get more pressure on my prostate when using the Classic over the current MGX, and I get better movement from it with more subtle contractions.

    It's really interesting how the two devices, almost identical, with such subtle differences, can feel SO different from one another. I've got the Classic, MGX & Helix, and I choose the classic over the other 2 90% of the time.

    BTW, I've experienced exactly what you describe in your 1st post. It's like the initial hands-free session amplifies your sensitivity, yet the Aneros enables you to keep from going over the edge.

    Enjoy your new purchase!
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    (this post was edited 2006-11-24 18:17:47)

    (this post was edited 2006-11-24 18:12:37)

    Hey BFM and BS and all: I got the Classic and have used it about 8 times. It IS the one for me, as compared to the Helix. So I have to thank you, thank you. I've had more progress in the last two weeks with the Classic (PS New) than I had with the Helix for 6 months. Fascinating! The abutment is much more aggressive and while my sweet spot is sooooo far forward under my scrotum that it still doesn't quite reach, I can pull some skin backwards and get really close to it. I've had MUCH MORE intense sessions with it--but still no O.

    But I've noticed/learned two EXTREMELY IMPORTANT things in the case of my "body configuration." The first lesson I learned when inserting while squatting. Once inside, the Aneros refused to stay straight. I felt the handle of it, and it was WAY TO THE LEFT (twisted to the left, as you might twist off a bottle cap). I removed and inserted again thinking this would solve the problem, and it "naturally" fell right into this twisted position. Then I realized, the entire unit was twisted inside of me, as though it is not sitting on my prostate but is slipping to the SIDE of my prostate. Of course, the abutment also spins and doesn't "naturally" sit in the middle. So this lesson comes down to this (in my case): Positioning and repositioning the Aneros (quite frequently actually, about every 5 minutes) is necessary. For me, this is simply going to have to be part of the practice. I know it will be, because when I reposition it (straighten it out from its twist) I can actually feel it sort of "scrape" across my prostate when I do this, and it will stay there for a few minutes (before slipping off to the side of my prostate again). BUT WOAH I can REALLY FEEL it in a way I never did with the Helix when it is centered correctly. The abutment is almost right-on as well. I have found that simply moving the abutment to the center is not enough though--I sort of have to grip the entire unit at the base and twist it into place so as to get it in the correct position on the inside as well as the abutment. But it always twists back to the left eventually--DAMN!

    Second lesson is this: Because the unit wants to twist (always to the left, so it must be my "shape") and slip to the side of my prostate (instead of directly dead-on it), I realize I've been using way too much lube. For me, a tiny bit too much lube seems to facilitate the sliding to the side (twisting action), and I'm not making that dead-on contact. Learned this by accident: I wanted to do a session (and didn't have any KY on hand) and used a little tiny bit of baby oil instead. KABOOM! When I repositioned the unit onto the prostate directly and so the abutment was centered (and the inside was centered), and since there was only a little bit of thin oily lubrication (really just enough for insertion) it stayed where it was supposed to be (dead-centered on the prostate) for much longer, putting presure on the right places. Too much lube defintely did make the thing dance around inside me, which was neat--but it was dancing off to the side of my prostate (if that's possible) and I didn't really feel it much. But now I know!

    (Oh, and another, minor lesson: I found my position. My back flat on the floor, my legs resting up on the bed, bent at the knees--I have a low bed. My back flattened out on the floor, and not having my spine curve to a mattress--this seems to make a world of difference for some reason. That'll do 'er!).

    Still no Super-O. But I defintely see the path a bit more clearly now. I've had some mindblowing traditionals over the last 4 tries or so (every night, I can't stop! I'm talking M-I-N-D-B-L-O-W-I-N-G). This is nothing like my so-so experiences with the Helix, so, yeah, which model you get matters--depending on whether or not it matches your body configuration. Who knew? Still, it is annoying having to reposition the thing every 5 minutes or so (by twisting it like a corkscrew or something with the handle) but I guess everybody is made differently. Maybe I'll eventually somehow rig something so as to keep it where it should be, but I don't really see how.

    Any thoughts on this? Anyone else have this problem?

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104

    Any thoughts on this? Anyone else have this problem?


    i have the same problem with the aneros twisting... and with it feeling like it;s not really hitting my prostate, and that my sweetspot is up closer to my scrotum... pretty much everything you said. im going to look into the classic.
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    I'm titling this reply "Tuning in the Radio Station on the Dial." I'll explain in a second.

    First, kudos on the classic! My Helix is in the drawer collecting dust. The classic is the right length and the abutment is way high up near my scrotum. Yes! I just wish there was some way, without trial and error and having to buy more than one model, to figure out one's anatomy so you know which one to buy right up front. Also, perhaps some forthright narrative here on these pages somewhere explaining that: Every Guy Is Not Made The Same. That's Why There's Several Models To Choose From. Some Will Fit And Work For You, And Some Won't." But, oh well. Now that I found mine, I'm not complaining.

    Still no Super. BUT, mucho knowledge about how non-automatic this device actually is (for me, anyway). I think, like a lot of guys, you read about it, buy it, put it in, and hope that with some relaxation and time, things will start to happen. For 7 months, that did nothing for me. Then I found I had the wrong model (Helix abutment came nowhere near my sweet spot). Then, got the right model. Started to feel some things. Small waves would begin, but then they would fade. I would change position. Same thing again…some small waves…then fading…fading…nothing.

    Then by accident (last post), I inserted it while squatting and found it twisting inside of me, always on the same direction. I thought, "This must be the shape of my colon, pulling it off center). So, I started the practice of repositioning, repositioning, repositioning the abutment onto the center of the sweet-spot ridge every 2 minutes or so, because it would twist always to the left.

    But finally, dummy me, I decided to take Mayfield up on some advice I read. Try placing your fingers on either side of the abutment to keep it centered, being careful not to impede the movement of the abutment or to press down on it. Just keep fingers to the sides, so as to keep the abutment where it needs to be.

    For the first time tonight, I tried that. The waves started, and grew, and grew, and grew. I wasn't in the most relaxed position--legs up, with my hand between my legs holding the abutment centered in place--but I managed to relax, close my eyes, and just focus on keep my hand still. The waves grew more than ever before, but then they started to fade again. So, this is when I tried "Tuning in the Radio Station on the Dial." By moving my fingers to the left or right only by millimeters--changing the position of the abutment by microns--I could "recapture" the waves. They would appear again, and then fade. Then, I would move the abutment one millimeter in another direction, wait for a few seconds, and the waves would appear again. This was just like tuning in a radio station on an old-fashioned dial tuner. I remembered reading Mayfield claiming how important it is that the abutment press into the sweet spot correctly, and I SURE COULD TELL WHEN THAT ABUTMENT WAS ON THE RIGHT SPOT, and I could tell when it had moved a micron and was no longer centered correctly.

    So, this is good news and bad news. The good news so that it seems I am finally coming to understand how I PERSONALLY need to use this thing. The bad news is twofold--it seems the TINIEST FRACTION OF MOVEMENT from the abutment will wreck any sensations. That sucks. It takes a grand amount of concentration to keep my fingers perfectly still while holding the abutment to the left and right. Second, it appears this device is nowhere near as "automatic" as I initially thought. It seems likely that, due to my configuration, I will have to use the Aneros with my hand between my legs, steadying the device, and making certain it doesn’t move AT ALL. Given this, I am now of the mind that this device does not work equally well for all, due to the individual's body configuration (how big the prostate is, how big the anal canal is, where the sweet spot is located, etc.)

    But one more bit of "interesting" news and a request for insight? I was pretty randy when I started; I had layed off the device and also masturbating for 3 days. I managed to get pretty good at keeping that abutment perfectly still in the right spot--or if it moved a millimeter, I was good at soon enough realizing that and moving it to the left or right by a tiny bit (I'm talking incredibly small increments!) and the waves would return pretty quickly. Anyway, the waves would start, and they were so active, I wasn't even concentrating or paying any attention at all to how tightly I was contracting my sphincter. None of that seemed to matter much.

    Small waves came, and they grew, and they grew, and they grew. And then, instead of subsiding….it all just sort of stood still. I was holding the abutment very still. And the Aneros was digging into me something fierce! My prostate was very hard; I did not have an erection. But I lie there super still to see what would happen. It was like I hit a wall--almost like the Aneros was trying to push its way through the wall of my prostate! The pressure-sensation was pleasurable, but it was not wave-like. And it remained in that state; it was pressing so hard, it actually started to feel numb, or cold. I lie in this state for what seemed like 5 minutes at least. It felt like a panther ready to spring on its prey, or a watch spring wound up so tight it is about to fly apart--very intense, very tight. I had great control; I tried super-relaxing to see if that would initiate something; I tried seeing if I could contract my sphincter more or less, but actually it was all wound up so tight, like it was frozen, I couldn't really find my sphincter muscle at all. Eventually, my hand accidentally moved a micron, the abutment shifted position, and the feeling subsided. But it didn’t feel like it was going to go anywhere anyway, not after 5 minutes.

    So, what is this? What is the plan of attack at this stage? I don't know what the Super O is, so I can't say whether it was imminent. Something felt imminent, in a way; certainly there had been a great deal of buildup. But I really searched hard and long (5 minutes!) in that place to see what was there--and it was all frozen. One thought I had--should I have tried purposely moving the abutment a micron to the left or right to see what would happen?

    Any thoughts on any of this, anyone?
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    Kitmo, thank you SO Much for all your detailed discoveries and the way you've shared them. I'm in very much the same situation as you are, and have made a lot of the same discoveries you have with my body and the sensations brought on by using the aneros.

    My problem, however, is not trying to findt he Super O, but instead trying to find the right way to 'milk' the fluid from within. No matter what i try, i only seem to be able to produce cowper's fluid and never am able to release anything else without touching my penis.

    I will be making a post about this, but wanted to say thank you for your detailed descriptions and experiences. I'm anxious to see if anyone has any more advice foryou as i've encountered that same 'wall' you spoke of. That feelinglike 'omg here it comes!!!' only to be held there for what seems an eternity felinglike i'm going to empty either my bladder or my balls only to lose it and be left panting and sweaty and maybe a litlte bit sore from the intense pressure inside.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Damn....sounds like a novel!

    Anyway, from reading many threads in the forum, I THINK the good news is that once you do get the super o, then the accuracy of the perinium placement is secondary....the "0"s come more easily.

  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
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    Still No Super…but I think I am MUCH CLOSER to having this thing nicked!!

    (A quick aside before the new stuff: I have gotten to that point where, within 5 minutes of insertion, I'm off and running. What I mean is, I'm not concentrating a whole lot anymore on breathing, or on sphincter-contracting exercises. I find I can very quickly relax with the device inside, and within a few minutes, I can start to feel small, good stuff. More than anything, I think this is evidence that I finally found the right model for me, without a doubt. High sweet spot (immediately under the scrotum), and the Classic (PSNew on the High Island Health site) is for you! I keep wondering why they changed the configuration on these "next gen" models like the Helix….anybody wanna buy a slightly used Helix? OK, that's gross…

    More knowledge: TOO MUCH LUBE IS A BAD THING. I know I'm not the first to say it, but I had to learn it for myself. The first 2 hours of tonight's session started off like my last long post--me desperately trying to hold the abutment within a tiny fractional-range of space on or around my sweet spot, starting to get some small waves of feeling, and then it subsiding because the Aneros had slipped. Not necessarily slipped off my sweet spot, but it had slipped around inside of me, off-center from my prostate. Fixing this is not as simple as repositioning the abutment. In fact, I could be holding that abutment in the perfect spot, but if it has slipped off the prostate inside, no go. I found out that I can actually grab the device at the stem (the "T" where the abutment and handle branch off) and "twist" the Aneros back into place inside me. I know whether or not I've got it back on-center because I can feel the thing scrape against my prostate inside. If I feel that, and I keep holding the abutment perfectly still on the sweet spot, the small waves will begin again within 30 seconds. Irritating, but at least it's something.

    Then my "duh!" moment arrives. I'm lying on my back, back flat on the floor, my legs up on the bed (bent at the knees and resting on the top of the bed). It's comfy, but the thing keeps slipping. Then I think: "What if I used next to no lube at all? Or just a tiny amount to get it inside me? If I did that, the thing might be more likely to "stick" to the region inside where I know it feels good." At this point, I'm completely ignoring all the advice on this site about "use enough lube so that the device dances freely around inside you." My problem is, it dances right off to the side of my prostate! So, I yank it out, wipe it off, put it back in to "collect" some more lube that is stuck up there, yank it out again, wipe it off, rinse, repeat. Eventually, I get to the point where getting it back inside me is a little tricky--not quite slippery enough. But I manage with a little extra pressure. There is still lube present inside me, but at this point not more than a dollop. (By the way, I've been told here not to overthink the lube, and I think this is right; I used glycerin-based [which does make me want to purge], silicon-based [which doesn't have the same effect], and, finally, I'm simply using $2 baby oil gel [regular old baby oil, but it comes in a gel form, something new, I guess, but it is easy to apply to the device.)

    I also at this time decide to turn onto my side--the recommended position from the manufacturers. I hypothesize that on my side, legs together and knees pulled high near my chest, this would also help to kind of "lock" the sweet spot into place. The sweet-spot area is sort of "compressed" in this position, and the device will have less room to move around. I also position the abutment onto that sweet-spot ridge (which is now completely dry) and close my legs over it, and wait.

    But I didn’t wait for long! JESUS! (Sorry if I offend, but…) WOAH! Suddenly, the device is pounding into me, KABOOM. I'm talking to myself, "Ohhhhh, something is going to happen…" The waves, which I have previously experienced in a shortened form (they would stop when the Aneros shifted position inside me), keep going and going for a while, then subside, but then come back! It is clear to me that with less lube, the device is staying put. Clearly there is plenty of room inside of me for it to move properly for stimulation, but it doesn't seem to be dancing off to the side of my prostate anymore and is staying on-center much better--and it feels really great! The abutment is also staying put and does not require my hand to keep it in place.

    THEN, after about 3 minutes of pretty continual (small) waves coming and going (and me doing a little moaning here and there), there is a moment, very unexpected and sudden, not a slow-burn or slow-rising feeling, but there is a sharp, pointed, heat-like wave that comes up super fast from the soles of my feet and enters my legs, and my heart LEAPS! "Oh Jesus, what is that?!" In response, I relax into it and let go--I mean, it was so sudden, I didn't know how to respond. But it almost felt like my heart skipped a beat or something, or like I had really lost my breath for a second. My heart beats heavily for a few strokes, just three times or so, then returns to normal. I almost feel lightheaded for a moment. But the hot wave was gone, not having reached anymore than a whisper of something in my lower legs. "Oh," I say, "That's the beginning of something totally different."

    Unfortunately, at this point, I had been at it for 2 hours, and I lie there for about 10 minutes with nice waves (but nothing I would call an orgasm) coming and going, waiting to see if that heart-leaping thing would happen again. And I start to wonder--while I drift off a bit--what exactly is the Super-O? What is this that I am feeling now, these nice, continually rising and falling small waves?

    Well, I've become too tired to continue. (Another lesson learned--I can't be tired when starting a session. Relaxed is one thing, but drifting off to sleep doesn’t allow me to have the consciousness I need to make this thing work.) So I start one of those mindblowingly slow-motion stroke-sessions and I ejaculate, again, almost to the point where the Aneros is starting to hurt me because it is pounding so hard. I have never in my life had orgasms like these. Never, never, never. In fact, I pretty much am masturbating by sliding a single finger around my frenulum and concentrating on how the device is stroking my prostate. Unbelievable.

    So, another major piece of the puzzle falls into place, here at month 8. Too much lube is a bad thing, for me. And how much is too much? I think I only need a small, dime-sized dollop (just enough to get it in)--that's it. I presume this may be because I have a wider-than-average colon, and the device has plenty of room to move around on its own (perhaps too much room), and too much lube leads to it dancing off to the side of my prostate where it produces little to no sensation.

    I'm excited about tomorrow night.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Originally Posted By: Tripper
    Damn....sounds like a novel!

    Anyway, from reading many threads in the forum, I THINK the good news is that once you do get the super o, then the accuracy of the perinium placement is secondary....the "0"s come more easily.

    Hey Trip and Kit!

    Anyway, just a note:

    I agree with Tripper, in fact, I had Super O's using my SGX that I bobbed the tail and tab on! The tab broke off, so I just cut off the tail too and filed them smooth... (I now use them for chair use mostly???)

    This was after I was re-wired and had a few SO's behind my belt???

    So this makes total sense to me...

    Later, Hlaser

  • BusterBuster
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    My 2 cents here is that Kitmo is just a few sessions away from not having to ever worry about where that tab hits. That is going to be great news for him. Once you have hit the Super O (many of you can back me up on this) you will be able to start a session with no Aneros at all. Some people can have an entire session without the equipment. I am not that good yet, but I can imagine with a little work it can be accomplished. To me, it proves the point that your brain has SO MUCH to do with this! You just have to get to that point.

    I also found myself smiling as Kitmo described the masturbation portion of his session. I agree, the intensity is beyond anything that I had experienced...that included the first one when I was about 10. It is pretty amazing.

    Have a great time Kitmo, and thank you for your detailed posts, it is helpful for everyone.

    Have a great day guys.

  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
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    Hi all, and thanks for the well-wishes. One quick note: I've been "lit up." I've read about this here, someone talked about being "ungrounded" after having had the prostate tickled into a state of "semi-permanent excitation."

    Last night (right after the session I described realizing I was using too much lube and had a prolonged wave session--still no Super), I woke up. I had a nocturnal erection. We all get them, on and off all night long. But my erection felt...good. Good enough to wake me up, which never happens. Actually, what felt good was my prostate, tingling a little from the nocturnal erection, as if the Aneros was in me still--more faint than that, but defintely present. My nocturnal erection had excited my prostate (or vice versa), which was also semi-hard, and the whole prostate was...tingling inside of me, buzzing a tiny, tiny bit. (This is many hours after my session that I last chronicled.) This is astonishing. What causes this exactly? Is this the rewiring taking place? Certainly, my prostate was always there--but I just never really felt it before. Or, is this some sort of residual impact left over from the device?

    Then again, this morning, on the drive to work (and even right now as I sit in my office)--I could still feel my prostate tingling a little still, just sitting in the car. It almost felt as if the pressure of simply sitting on the seat was making me aware of my prostate inside my body--almost like my own weight was compressing it and making it feel good. I almost feel like I can increase that tingling feeling by just centering my attention on that spot inside of me. Perhaps this is a hint of what "having a device-less session" is about (that others have mentioned). Very interesting, the human mind.

    But where's that rascally Super-O? Gonna go on a late night hunting trip again tonight...wish me luck.

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    One quick note: I've been "lit up." I've read about this here, someone talked about being "ungrounded" after having had the prostate tickled into a state of "semi-permanent excitation."

    Actually, what felt good was my prostate, tingling a little from the nocturnal erection, as if the Aneros was in me still--more faint than that, but defintely present. My nocturnal erection had excited my prostate (or vice versa), which was also semi-hard, and the whole prostate was...tingling inside of me, buzzing a tiny, tiny bit. (This is many hours after my session that I last chronicled.) This is astonishing. What causes this exactly? Is this the rewiring taking place? Certainly, my prostate was always there--but I just never really felt it before. Or, is this some sort of residual impact left over from the device?

    Then again, this morning, on the drive to work (and even right now as I sit in my office)--I could still feel my prostate tingling a little still, just sitting in the car. It almost felt as if the pressure of simply sitting on the seat was making me aware of my prostate inside my body--almost like my own weight was compressing it and making it feel good. I almost feel like I can increase that tingling feeling by just centering my attention on that spot inside of me. Perhaps this is a hint of what "having a device-less session" is about (that others have mentioned). Very interesting, the human mind.

    But where's that rascally Super-O? Gonna go on a late night hunting trip again tonight...wish me luck.

    Hey Kitmo.

    I don't have the slightest idea what causes it (other than the aneros) but I've also experienced that "lit up" feeling... almost going on for a couple of months. Sometimes I just wish it would go away, but only sometimes; most of the time I love the feeling. It's especially noticeable when I'm sitting at a desk or driving in the car.

    Two of the last 3 nights have been something new for me, related to being "lit up". After sleeping for about 5 hours, instead of just feeling the "excitation" I woke up to repeated orgasms (no stimulation; no ejaculation; occasional erection). My body was wriggling all over the bed for more than an hour both nights. The O's were centered either in the penis or the anus with equal frequency. Something for you to look forward to, maybe, as your "lit up" feeling develops. I certainly can't wait to wake up in the middle of the night again.

    No super-O (it wasn't full body and wasn't in waves)...but pretty cool and lots of fun. I like your description of being "lit up" and "excitation". Up to now I haven't found the words to describe exactly what I'm feeling almost all the time


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    Hi Dell: Thanks for the description. Sounds neat. Yes, something to look forward to.

    Well, one more session under my belt with my various puzzle pieces in place. Still no Super, but an extremely gratifying 3.5 hour session tonight.

    Pea-sized dollop of lube (only enough to get it in): Check.
    Classic in place: Check.
    Waves beginning in under 30 seconds of insertion: Check.

    I've got to take back/revise some of my previous observations. The bit about the device "not being as automatic as I once hoped it was." Well, once I figured out what I needed (the Classic and not the Helix, tiny bit of lube instead of handfuls, understanding the position of my sweet spot, no longer having to hold the abutment in place by hand) this device really is automatic. Tonight, the waves began so quickly (literally 30 seconds off the mark) I didn’t even have time to actually position myself--we were off and running in no time. Also, I discovered that THERE IS NO BAD POSITION, apparently (for me). Every position I put myself in, the waves just kept right on coming. It was like I couldn't really interrupt the waves if I tried. In fact, beside the old standby "back on the floor, feet up on the bed," or the "knees-up-to-the-chest" side position, I also very much enjoyed the "bent over my bed at the waist, laying my torso on the bed, knees on the floor" position A LOT. I even got waves lying face down, prone on the bed. They wouldn’t stop. This is such a difference from my 6 months with the Helix and a gallon of lube, where if I shifted the tiniest direction or even breathed wrong, everything would vanish.

    One thing I do want to clarify: When I say "waves," what I mean is a mixture of me feeling my heartbeat through my prostate (channeled by the Aneros--I feel my heartbeat extremely strongly in my anus and prostate) and the Aneros itself pressing into me in reaction to that pulsing heartbeat--all of it warm and pleasurable, but not sharp, overwhelming, or orgasmic. These waves increase and decrease at regular intervals, and I can initate them pretty evenly by contracting the sphincter that imaginary 30% (whatever that means). But even when I'm not focusing on contracting this much or that much, the waves just sort of come in and out on their own anyway. Yeah, so it has become automatic for me after all. [I'm convinced now that if anyone is reading this and you've got no such waves going on, you've probably got the wrong model Aneros for your body configuration--my two cents. I am a firm believer that if you "map" your sweet spot as Mayfield suggests and figure out precisely what your prostate feels like and its location (use a finger) in order to purchase the right model for you, there's no way you could insert this device and feel nothing. If you are struggling with nada, look into a different model, if you can afford it. But map your sweet spot first! See Mayfield's sticky. Don't just go and throw money away on a different model without doing some measuring first. That's what I almost did, and then Mayfield stepped in right at the right time and told me which one to get--see the third or fourth post in this thread.]

    But tonight something very deep and still visited me. There was the old flash-in-the-pan quivering like I said, and the erections coming and going, fluid leaking out, the flashy waves rising and falling, and my heartbeat throbbing through it all. But after 2.5 hours, lying on my back on the floor, legs resting up on the bed, the "flashy waves" (as I'll call them) died down, and a very different, very quiet, very DEEP, very still-feeling started to peek out. I noticed this deeper, more still feeling especially because the flashy waves did not return on their regularly scheduled interval--something else was taking its place. Even when I felt it very slowly rising (from the pit of my gut? soles of my feet?), I thought to myself, "Anal orgasm. That's got a very deep sound to it. This feeling is very deep--far, far inside of me somewhere. It feels significantly deeper than where my prostate is. It feels like it is coming from way way up inside the anal canal or something." It had a slightly warm feeling to it. In comparison, the flashy waves are surface-level stuff. This deeper feeling was faint only, and I lay very still, but very loose, allowing it to whisper to me. I let go of my sphincter muscle completely…it was open, open, open. The quiet-deepness feeling rose for a short while and crept away again. I placed my hand on the abutment to reposition it, and very slowly the quiet-deep feeling returned--not a sharp rising sensation, but a very low-to-the-ground, slow creeping. It not only felt deep, welling up from somewhere very deep (sorry, but the word just fits), it also felt HEAVY and also BIG. Like a slow, heavy dinosaur poking its head around the corner and checking out whether or not it's safe to do some grazing. (Apologies for my goofy similies, but I'm an English professor.) And I lay very still, very quiet, very peaceful so as to not scare it away. It poked around for a mere second, and then vanished again. I thought to myself, 'That is something else entirely. That was special.'

    An hour later, and way past bedtime and starting to drift off (which doesn't work for me), I then finished off with a TRADITIONAL O THAT BELONGS IN THE DAMN RECORD BOOKS, I swear! I would proudly put this orgasm into an awards competition with anyone else's out there! You know sometimes when you masturbate and it feels so darn good, you just start to laugh and laugh afterwards, in an uncontrollable fashion? (It's even better when you have someone to laugh and laugh with). But I stroked myself so slowly, so achingly slow-motion, that I floated on the verge of an orgasm for upwards of 20 minutes--and I don't mean approaching and backing off. I mean constantly almost coming. Just hovering, hovering, hovering, one stroke every 10 seconds or so, and each stroke feels like this will be the one, and the Aneros is trying its darnedest to make you go over the edge, but you just don't provide quite enough stimuli to allow it to take over. Actually, and this scared me a bit, around the 15-minute mark, with the device digging into me for that long, and an erection like a steel pole for that long, the Aneros initiated a few sharp pains that traveled up my rigid penis. Just a quick, sharp flash of a pinch--OUCH! Not enough to make me stop, but like anything, I guess you can overdo this device. I kept stroking at regular 10-second intervals and for the first time, the climax didn’t seem connected to the pace of my strokes. It grew on its on, completely independently, almost regardless of what I was doing, and I sort of passively observed the climax happening on its own, as I continued with my regular mechanical 10-second strokes. Fascinating.

    But the hunt continues…

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    Hang in there, you'll be flying one of these days and never be the same. We're cheering you on! Had a great session myself the other night after 8 to 9 months. Built to new spots after previously perceived highs. This one had that "prostate tickling" building and building til you couldn't figure where it would stop it was centered in the prostate and nowhere else......just had to cum there was no other release. WRONG! Had the full body release like a regular orgasm only stronger but no "ejaculation"...............SEVEN TIMES with momentary breaks between and each was stronger than the previous until I was moaning uncontrolably, yelping! Subsided for a few minutes and it came back STRONGER another SIX TIMES, couldn't help but yell out. Never any ejaculation but an unusual amount of pre-cum had oozed down my "off and on" erections. What a trip this thing is! Can it just keep getting better?
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    Hey all! Need a little help here: Am I having a Super-O? Funny, I think that's the same question I started this thread with.

    The device is certainly working me over, there's no doubt. Still using practically no lube, and within 30 seconds of inserting it, the action begins. In some cases, it is almost too much too soon. I'm not ready for it; I've not a had a chance to acclimate, or even get into any kind of position or even think about breathing or anything. It's just>>>>ZAP!>>almost like an attack. But I'm not complaining.

    Still having the problem with it slipping off center inside me. Waves will build and build, but then drop off. So, I have to grab it at the base where the handle and abutment branch off and twist it inside of me to the right, it scrapes against my prostate, and the waves start again. Using a microscopic amount of lube (and, hence, less slippery) helps it to stay on track for much longer periods though, so I can get bigger and bigger waves.

    To this end, I've been having great luck simply lying face down on the bed, on my belly. When the waves begin to build, then dissipate and I know the thing has gone off-center, I simply rock my body (wiggle my ass) left and right (side to side) on the bed (remaining face down). This action seems to "re-energize" the Aneros, as it scrapes against my prostate and gets back on center and the waves start again. Pretty cool, and I don't have to go reaching between my legs.

    Now here's my question: Is this some version of the Super-O, or how much further do I have to go?

    The waves will build, dissipate, I'll rock back and forth side-to-side, then lie still, and the waves will build again. They get very intense, like to the point that if I were stroking myself, it feels like I'd be maybe a dozen strokes away from an orgasm. At this point, I'm not concentrating on how tight my sphincter is or contracting or anything--the device and my ass are having their own little conversation and I've not been invited! Anyway, the waves get super intense, and then suddenly my anus will become very warm-feeling and then pry itself open (that's what it feels like), very slowly opening and opening, like a slow-motion blooming/opening effect, and as that happens, the intense waves die down.

    And that's it. It'll happen again in a few minutes.

    So, is that a Super-O? There are no open-close-open-close type contractions as with a traditional orgasm. The waves build, super tingly in my groin and in my legs, then my anus sort of feels warm and it opens up on its own (I just let it do this) and the intense waves die down. I have tried NOT letting my anus open up on its own, but instead keeping it contracted. In those cases, the intense waves still die down, but they seem to return a bit more quickly, but they have definitely dropped a few levels in intensity, as if I were starting the whole sequence over again. At the moment, it feels like this is as far as I can get. One good thing, I can actually get to this point within about 20 minutes---in other words, no time at all!

    I'm trying to figure out, have I arrived, or has the train not left the station? I don't mean to sound pessimistic but, if this is the "best" my body will do, then it has been a great ride, but this is no substitute for a traditional orgasm. It is a great way to lead up to a traditional, no doubt about it. And as I've said, my traditionals have been…geez, almost painful. I mean they are so slow and excruciating, I swear to God I can actually feel the semen rising through my urethra millimeter by millimeter. Typically, I'm a "dribbler" and I've never been a "shooter," but this device puts me in another class! In some cases, I've got to pull it out of me as soon as I've ejaculated because it pounds so hard, I yelp! I mean, it hurts, frankly. It's a good hurt, but…whew.

    So, any help in defining what is going here? And any advice about what I should do when I hit that "wall" where the intense waves lead to my anus getting very warm-feeling from deep within and then it "pries itself open" as the waves die down?