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What was that?
  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    So being new to the whole super "O" thing I found that there is not just one type of super "O". So far I've experience at least 5 distinctly different types of Super "O"'s.

    One is the huge earth shaking hang on for dear life heavy breathing, body shaking and bouncing all over the place super "O". This one uses gradually larger and larger contractions till you are going out of your mind. Very physical orgasm.

    The second , The work out" is similar to the one before only more physical. As the contractions build I toss in abdominal contractions and full body contractions as I approach the "O". Sometimes even straightening out my body tensing my abs while doing a small leg lift and zing, (this is a BMayfield feel great but damn when I finish I look like I just work out... dripping with sweat. This is also a very physical type of orgasm.

    The third is what I like to call the slow grind. As I slowly build my contractions to orgasm I add in a little hip grind. Another poster called it being snake-like. This orgasm kind of slowly builds and builds and kind of washes over you where the other 2 kind of crash on you. More of a moaning sublime type of super "O".

    The fourth is the relaxed "O". I usually only have success with this one after I've had a couple of the more physical type's. For this one I lay completely still and add small to mid contractions waiting for a good sized p-wave to come ripping along. Then you just ride the wave by gradually nudging your contraction. I try to only you the muscles engaging the Aneros and nothing else. This is also a moaning and sublime type and almost emotional... this one almost brought me to tears... hmmmm who'd of thought.

    The fifth is what I call the dreamer. This one I have only done a couple of times but it's very cool. As many have read this is the one where you go to sleep with the aneros in. For me it hasn't been as big as the others but like the others but is incredibly satisfying. It's very surreal. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, you are breathing heavy, very horny and you body is grinding and your heart is pounding. I feel a tingling that starts in my toes and washes over my whole body usually three or four waves on top of each other. Follow this with a relaxed "O" and sweet dream's are coming your way. There have been a couple times I've had "O"s this way and wasn't sure If I was dreaming them or what. I usually use my Eupho for this.
    Anyway I was just curious if anyone else has had variations or different types of super "O"s. The Aneros... the gift that just keeps on giving.
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Many thanks for differentiating the "o"s for us newbies. It will be interesting to see if other Aneros graduates further describe their experiences or add to your list.

  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    Hello again,
    I stumbled on to an amazing position / situation. After having a couple of O's with the eupho I retired to the shower for a clean up only this time I decided to try for a super "O" in the shower. I started by standing and it felt great but the coolest thing happened when I got on all fours with the water hitting the small of my back (similar to the kneeling next to the bed position.) After working the eupho for a couple of minutes the super O wave started coming on and I started to get hard. As I wiggled I accidentally positioned myself in such a way that the water from the shower was running over my sides and down my backside and trickling down over my testicles and penis (I never touch my self while this is happening). Oh my god the sensation was insane. It felt so amazing it was absolutely surreal. I started bouncing and wiggling so much I actually hit my brow on the side of the shower... kind of gave myself a knot... the sensation was so awesome even hitting my head was not enough to shake me out of the super "O." Though I'm a little sore today. I think this position works best after you have had a few super "O"s and are really primed. I've done this twice now and it is a really nice way to end a session before finishing off. It nicely transitions you over taking matters in to your own the super "T".

    Ward thank you for the fantastic descriptions.

    After reading these I am now giving up the Aneros completely.

    Your a newbie and your hitting 5 different types of Super O.

    Damn I can't even get one after a year with it.
  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    Come on now VS,
    I'm hardly a newbie. I literally worked my ass off for almost a year to get here. A year of a couple nights each week. A year of total frustration. A year of trying to figure why everyone else and their brother had success and I would get squat. A year of scanning the forum hoping to yield some little nugget of wisdom that would make it all come together for me. Oh and then those lucky SOB's who get it on their first go around... don't even get me started on that. All I know is giving up was not an option for me. I was determined to crack the code. For me one of the big break throughs came,(10 months along) when I tried the wifes Slightest touch and actually experienced a good sized pleasure wave with the aneros. It was then I finally had something to focus on. A ray of hope. It all came together about a month later after all sensation went completely away again and I finally tried a whole new approach....See the "a little fed up" thread for more details. Once my body figured it out, getting a super "O" became a piece of cake. I'm very excited about my progress and I really want to give others who are struggling like I did (and you are) hope that it will happen for them. I know it gets annoying when everyone tells you to be patient it will happen..... it's a journey blah blah blah.... it sucks but unfortunately they are all correct.