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Have I Arrived?
  • I purchased the Helix about a year ago and although I had some pleasurable experiences, it wasn't what I've read about on the Forum. I discontinued use until just recently.
    I discovered during my sessions that if I put upward pressure on the handle, that the sensations increased. The next session, I found that if I kept slight pressure on the handle that the great sensations began to slowly increase. I found my "sweet spot." The pleasure kept increasing until I was convulsing (whole body) and making so much noise that I had to put a towel in my mouth (don't want my neighbors to hear me)! I achieved this twice.
    During my last session I achieved this state three times using just the slightest pressure on the handle. Again I had to put a washcloth in my mouth to muffle my moans. I stopped only because I was becoming exhausted and didn't think my body could take any more. As with all of my sessions, I ended with a very pleasurable penile orgasm.
    I wonder if I achieved the Super O, or if I should have stayed with the shaking and convulsing a bit longer? (I'm not too sure how long I can hang on when the convulsing begins since I lose all sense of time)!