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Good marketing technique.
  • Have you ever thought why the other models are so much more expensive than the sgx and mgx? I was going to ask why myself, but I think my thread topic pretty much sums it up.

    I assume a good amount of money was put into research and development of this most excellent tool of pleasure. Granted that, however it makes me wonder how much money they actually are making per unit sold. It has to be some massive amount because I can't believe that it costs much to actually produce the product at this point.

    See the aneros is so good that they get you hooked on it and you get curious about the other models. They capitalize on this curiosity to charge more for your "upgrade".

    Its all fine with me, thats what america is about after all. Just some thoughts going through my head as I decide which one I am going to buy next. Hmmm, Helix or Eupho...
  • I agree that marketing always has a hand in any business but I also believe that the different models where made due to the fact that bodies are different. The size, contour, and design is a little different for each model, and that can make a big difference in the feeling.

    I own the Maximus, Helix and MGX. Ironically the original MGX is my favorite one. The Maximus and Helix are actually to aggressive and my prostate reacts negatively to it by getting sore too quickly. The MGX is the perfect balance and works the best for me.

    I'm glad that the company has so many variations on the product design because it alows us to find the one best for us, and not be stuck with one design that doesn't work that well for you.

    As for the night with this thing, and any issues with money are obliterated into the nether.